Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Party And A Weremunk Tale

It's time for more happenings from our Forks trip last year. As opposed to saying that I'm lazy, I'll just say I like suspense. How's that?

First we'll start with the infamous Rainbow Text Guide
Words of:
Edward: Blue
Bella: Brown
Mr H&M: Green
Victoria: Red
Jacob: Black

Simple, right?!

We'll start off with some party pics

Here is Edward and Bella enjoying some light up body decorations.

And JayMunk, as the clan has been calling him, is enjoying some, too.

Mr. H&M and Victoria continued their strange courting. JayMunk enjoyed some snacks. And Edward found more suitable "decorations" for Bella. I'm sure you can guess why he liked them better.

Something very out of the ordinary happened at one of the parties. A very lovely follower of the blog brought a friend to meet Edward. Since it was last year I'm not sure if I remember who exactly brought the visitor. I'm 90% sure that I know who it was, but since I have that 10% doubt, I don't want to say the name in case I'm wrong and I name drop. Then I'll feel sad. So if it was you, you can let me know and put my crazy mind to rest. But I'm almost positive that I'm sure!

"William Shakespeare?! Oh, what an honor to meet you, sir. I have so many questions to ask you if you'd be kind enough to let me pick your brain." Edward then chuckled a bit at his own inside joke with himself.

Then Bella approached the newcomer that now was receiving all of her boyfriend's attention.

"Hi, mister. I'm kind of on an important date, so if you could leave my boyfriend alone; that would be great."
"Don't listen to her, Mr. Shakespeare. She's crazy. Even crazier than you are. So you know she's cracked. Please don't leave on her account."
"What Edward is trying to say is to leave."
"Bella, stop being rude...and stupid. This is William Shakespeare!"
"Are you sure? Because he kind of looks like Joe Pesci."
"Joe Pesci?! Are you blind?"
"No. But your mom is."
"Oh, burn," said Mr. Shakespeare.
"Who taught Bella how to use a your mom joke?! How did she comprehend it?!"

Using the strange couple's distraction, someone took what they saw as an opportunity.

I tried to take a pic of what happened next, but Vickie is way too fast for me. Here's what I got.

"Oh my God! Victoria, you drank William Shakespeare!"
"All the humans provided at this party is soda and booze. What did you expect?"
Edward didn't have time to answer.

JayMunk was there to make things right!

But then...

...Mr. H&M was not allowing his new mate to be destroyed. Later he said, "Especially by a cutesie woodland creature. That would be embarrassing." I love his chivalry.

He had to have a little talk with Victoria.

"I told you that you weren't allowed to drink humans anymore."

"Well, I didn't listen."
"Then I will have to teach you to listen."

Is anyone else super concerned about this relationship? It seems very destructive to me.

Anyway, the gang had a nice little memorial service for William.

My apologies to Mr. Shakespeare's human companion.

Moving on...

So, something very interesting happened when we went to La Push. Only Bella and Jacob came with because Jacob forced Edward to uphold the treaty and did not allow him to step foot on the reservation.

Here's Bella and Jacob enjoying the beach.

"Jake, I can't believe you grew up here. Do you ever think of moving back?"

"I didn't understand that."
"I'm sorry, what?"
"I still didn't get that."

I'm gonna stop there, because that went on for some time. The squeaks just got more aggravated.

Later, someone showed up.

"Look Jake, a beaver! Maybe it's a werebeaver that has the same problem you do."

Jacob turned to see what ridiculous thing Bella was talking about. He was not happy with what he saw.

"How did you know it was me?!" Edward started having a one sided conversation with Jacob.
"What do you mean I look nothing like a beaver?......Don't bring my mother into this.....Well I think it's stupid that I'm not allowed here......No, I am not dangerous at all......I was here last year, quite a few times, too!"

At that piece of information Jacob had a horrible reaction.

He fell to the ground and started shaking in anger with little tiny woodland growls coming from him.

A moment later, this happened!

"Jacob! You're back to normal!" Bella was excited and went to hug her friend in celebration.

But Jacob was still furious.

Bella was thrown to the side while Jacob taught Edward why he should not return to La Push.  I must say, he gave Edward quite the beating.

Later, after Edward sadly left the beach, Jacob enjoyed the view of the of his homeland, grateful that he could enjoy it while being his normal self again.

But who can have a good moment of silence when Bella is around?

"Jake, can we jump off that cliff?"

"Bella, do you have any idea how dangerous that is?"
"Alright, let's go."

Edward would be so proud of Jake.


TwiKiwi said...

LwE this is brilliant! As per usual. As sad as I am to see the end of the WereMunk, I do love that Jacob is using some sense... perhaps they'll all get some peace after some cliff diving!

TwitardedMom said...

Wonderful post. Well worth the wait.

Rikki Hahn said...

I missed these little guys! Can't wait to see what adventures they get into next week when they revisit their homeland!

PS- when did blogger go wonky? It wouldn't let me sign in unless I created a Google plus account

TheRugbymom said...

Jump! Jump! Jump!

kintail said...

More! More! I can never get enough of these guys.

Jaymes805 said...

LOL LOVE!!! Had so much fun being there for this first hand. Glad the poor seal *gag* *tears* wasn't involved.

Dangrdafne said...

I don't know where to start.
Sorry I missed this post.
These pictures are amazing!
I love your stories soooo much!
I love you more :)