Thursday, July 12, 2012

More FORKing

Last September we took our second trip to Forks, WA. Forks is very very beautiful, but now I'm asking myself if I would have preferred the Twilight books be set in the Caribbean.

Anyway, I should at first say thank you to my Forks fairy Godmothers Lisa and DD. Without them, I would have been stuck on the East Coast for the trip. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I truly love you guys so much.

I thought for this trip that Bella would like to come and see her home turf, so she came with us. I also brought Jacob. Edward told me that Jacob wanted to visit his homeland. Edward had to tell me because Jacob was still a chipmunk and can't communicate with the rest of us. We also brought Mr. H&M since he requires travel.

The first pic from the trip was taken in our hotel bathroom in Seattle. Edward was very reminded of Bella by the bird picture and wanted to document it.

And this is just some horsing around in a plant by a Starbucks.

Rainbow text guide:
Edward: Blue
Mr. H&M: Green
Bella: Brown
Jacob: Black

Then off we went on the four hour drive to Forks. Bella responsibly took her seat and strapped herself in.

"Guys, you should really use your seat belts. Not being belted in to the seat is dangerous!"

Her warning was lost on the three mythical creatures as they laughed at the fact that they might need safety equipment.

Then we hit a bump in the road.

"Told ya."
"Wait a sec. Was she just right about something?"
"Yes, I believe so."
"Let us not speak of this ever again."

Later, when we reached Lake Crescent, we stopped to take pictures. We ran into Red Bella and Defender of Mice there. Red Bella has a snazzy little Mini Cooper. Ever since I got Edward I have been dying to get a pic of him with one. I was finally able to do this. It's very fitting, don't you think?

Edward took a moment to relax amongst the beautiful scenery. He really does love this part of the world.

And then we have the typical Forks Welcomes You sign picture.

Now we'll go into what happened when a group of us went into The Hoh forest. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen personally. I could spend a very long time in that forest. But this day, there was just a lot of weird things that had happened. I'll show you what I mean.

Here is the gang just hanging out on a tree.

Bella is trying to convince Edward that trees are made out of paper, Jacob is looking on in amusement at Edward's frustration, and Mr. H&M is being...well, high and mighty.

Then something weird happens.

I have no idea how she got there! She didn't stow away with us, and we haven't seen her for quite some time at the house. I don't know how she tracked us down, but apparently she didn't want to be left out of the fun.

"Vickie! I'm so glad you're here. Now I have my boyfriend and my bestie with me!"

Words of Victoria: Red

"Oh for the love of god."
"Heh. It's actually kind of funny when it's not just happening to me."
"How you doin?"

Yes, you heard right. Mr. H&M just hit on Victoria! Later they were seen getting a bit chummy together.

"You must be new to Edward's clan. How are you liking it?"

"To be honest, I really wasn't liking it at all. How about me and you start our own clan."
"Alright. But I'm in charge."
"Oh no. I don't think so. If there is anything I've learned in life, it's to never trust a ginger."
"That's kind of insulting."
"Would it help if I told you that I think you're really pretty?"
"Actually, yes. I have some pretty bad rejection and abandonment issues, so to have someone compliment me helps me feel a completeness that I can not find in my own self worth."
"Great! We're going to get a long just fine. Would you like to share a squirrel with me?"
"No. I drink human blood."
"Oh, that is unacceptable. You're going to have to change for me if this is going to work. Now try the squirrel."

As absolutely creeped out I was by that whole exchange, I will admit that I am morbidly curious as to how their relationship is going to pan out.

As we continued on our trek, Edward had some fun riding in Musing Bella's hood.

"Wheee! Faster, faster!"

We found a sign that made Edward a bit uncomfortable.

Then there was some kind of misunderstanding between Jacob and BlueDarcy's Edward.

It kind of set off Mr. H&M, and he took matters into his own hands.

Thankfully, we stopped the situation from getting out of hand before any serious damage was done.

Then Edward tried to test my patience.

"If you love me, you will let me bring this home as my new pet."

Absolutely not, Edward.

So, all in all, a pretty strange trip to the Forest.

More Forks fun to come.


Alleykittty said...

Squeeeee Mini E is back! I´ve missed him. Hoping for more of his hilarious adventures :))

Rikki_DD said...

I'm so happy that Edward's adventures are back! So odd that I got to the HOH when you all were leaving, but have the same photo of Edwards "pet".

Can't wait to see more adventures!

Chye-Lin said...

It's so fun reading Forks adventures! :)

blue_darcy said...

My mini Edward has never been the same since that trip, he hides in the corner of my bookcase now and is always watching his neck...

Dangrdafne said...

Sorry about the bump in the road ;)

I hope I can help you get there again for the third time's a charm trip :)

I have missed your posts - keep them comin'!!

kintail said...

Yay! Love these adventures!