Saturday, March 24, 2012


If you couldn't tell from my post title, I'm a bit excited. About a month back, I entered the Truly Anon Twilight Contest with a one-shot called Recognition. There were 96 entries total and a more than a few categories to win in. I'm a new writer--with only 6 chapters of one other story ever written--so I pretty much had almost a month of nail biting until the winners were announced. I honestly didn't think I would win anything with that many submissions entered.

Well winners were announced on Thursday and Recognition took home Best Happily Ever After in the AU category! I couldn't believe it! Someone liked my story!

They made me this super cool banner! (By TwistenInMasen)

I would like to give a special shout out to ChloeCougar and LoriAnnTwifan for beta'ing for me. They made the story really shine.

Also Squeaky Zorro for helping with getting the summary to say what it needed with only 250 characters. Now that was hard.

If you want to read it, you can find it HERE on ffn. It's in the queue at Twilighted.

Here's the summary:

One absolute law governs all vampires: Keep the secret. When a gorgeous stranger looks at vampire Bella with recognition, he becomes a liability she must handle. In protecting herself, she finds more than just a human who knows of her world.

I've been asked if I will continue the story, and the answer is yes! I'm in love with it and it keeps talking to me, so for my own sanity I will have to write it.

And no, The Real Death of Edward Masen is not abandoned. Life has been a bit hard lately and my creativity has been at an all time low. Hence, also, my lack of blog post updates. But it's starting to come back to me :)