Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Party And A Weremunk Tale

It's time for more happenings from our Forks trip last year. As opposed to saying that I'm lazy, I'll just say I like suspense. How's that?

First we'll start with the infamous Rainbow Text Guide
Words of:
Edward: Blue
Bella: Brown
Mr H&M: Green
Victoria: Red
Jacob: Black

Simple, right?!

We'll start off with some party pics

Here is Edward and Bella enjoying some light up body decorations.

And JayMunk, as the clan has been calling him, is enjoying some, too.

Mr. H&M and Victoria continued their strange courting. JayMunk enjoyed some snacks. And Edward found more suitable "decorations" for Bella. I'm sure you can guess why he liked them better.

Something very out of the ordinary happened at one of the parties. A very lovely follower of the blog brought a friend to meet Edward. Since it was last year I'm not sure if I remember who exactly brought the visitor. I'm 90% sure that I know who it was, but since I have that 10% doubt, I don't want to say the name in case I'm wrong and I name drop. Then I'll feel sad. So if it was you, you can let me know and put my crazy mind to rest. But I'm almost positive that I'm sure!

"William Shakespeare?! Oh, what an honor to meet you, sir. I have so many questions to ask you if you'd be kind enough to let me pick your brain." Edward then chuckled a bit at his own inside joke with himself.

Then Bella approached the newcomer that now was receiving all of her boyfriend's attention.

"Hi, mister. I'm kind of on an important date, so if you could leave my boyfriend alone; that would be great."
"Don't listen to her, Mr. Shakespeare. She's crazy. Even crazier than you are. So you know she's cracked. Please don't leave on her account."
"What Edward is trying to say is to leave."
"Bella, stop being rude...and stupid. This is William Shakespeare!"
"Are you sure? Because he kind of looks like Joe Pesci."
"Joe Pesci?! Are you blind?"
"No. But your mom is."
"Oh, burn," said Mr. Shakespeare.
"Who taught Bella how to use a your mom joke?! How did she comprehend it?!"

Using the strange couple's distraction, someone took what they saw as an opportunity.

I tried to take a pic of what happened next, but Vickie is way too fast for me. Here's what I got.

"Oh my God! Victoria, you drank William Shakespeare!"
"All the humans provided at this party is soda and booze. What did you expect?"
Edward didn't have time to answer.

JayMunk was there to make things right!

But then...

...Mr. H&M was not allowing his new mate to be destroyed. Later he said, "Especially by a cutesie woodland creature. That would be embarrassing." I love his chivalry.

He had to have a little talk with Victoria.

"I told you that you weren't allowed to drink humans anymore."

"Well, I didn't listen."
"Then I will have to teach you to listen."

Is anyone else super concerned about this relationship? It seems very destructive to me.

Anyway, the gang had a nice little memorial service for William.

My apologies to Mr. Shakespeare's human companion.

Moving on...

So, something very interesting happened when we went to La Push. Only Bella and Jacob came with because Jacob forced Edward to uphold the treaty and did not allow him to step foot on the reservation.

Here's Bella and Jacob enjoying the beach.

"Jake, I can't believe you grew up here. Do you ever think of moving back?"

"I didn't understand that."
"I'm sorry, what?"
"I still didn't get that."

I'm gonna stop there, because that went on for some time. The squeaks just got more aggravated.

Later, someone showed up.

"Look Jake, a beaver! Maybe it's a werebeaver that has the same problem you do."

Jacob turned to see what ridiculous thing Bella was talking about. He was not happy with what he saw.

"How did you know it was me?!" Edward started having a one sided conversation with Jacob.
"What do you mean I look nothing like a beaver?......Don't bring my mother into this.....Well I think it's stupid that I'm not allowed here......No, I am not dangerous at all......I was here last year, quite a few times, too!"

At that piece of information Jacob had a horrible reaction.

He fell to the ground and started shaking in anger with little tiny woodland growls coming from him.

A moment later, this happened!

"Jacob! You're back to normal!" Bella was excited and went to hug her friend in celebration.

But Jacob was still furious.

Bella was thrown to the side while Jacob taught Edward why he should not return to La Push.  I must say, he gave Edward quite the beating.

Later, after Edward sadly left the beach, Jacob enjoyed the view of the of his homeland, grateful that he could enjoy it while being his normal self again.

But who can have a good moment of silence when Bella is around?

"Jake, can we jump off that cliff?"

"Bella, do you have any idea how dangerous that is?"
"Alright, let's go."

Edward would be so proud of Jake.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

More FORKing

Last September we took our second trip to Forks, WA. Forks is very very beautiful, but now I'm asking myself if I would have preferred the Twilight books be set in the Caribbean.

Anyway, I should at first say thank you to my Forks fairy Godmothers Lisa and DD. Without them, I would have been stuck on the East Coast for the trip. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I truly love you guys so much.

I thought for this trip that Bella would like to come and see her home turf, so she came with us. I also brought Jacob. Edward told me that Jacob wanted to visit his homeland. Edward had to tell me because Jacob was still a chipmunk and can't communicate with the rest of us. We also brought Mr. H&M since he requires travel.

The first pic from the trip was taken in our hotel bathroom in Seattle. Edward was very reminded of Bella by the bird picture and wanted to document it.

And this is just some horsing around in a plant by a Starbucks.

Rainbow text guide:
Edward: Blue
Mr. H&M: Green
Bella: Brown
Jacob: Black

Then off we went on the four hour drive to Forks. Bella responsibly took her seat and strapped herself in.

"Guys, you should really use your seat belts. Not being belted in to the seat is dangerous!"

Her warning was lost on the three mythical creatures as they laughed at the fact that they might need safety equipment.

Then we hit a bump in the road.

"Told ya."
"Wait a sec. Was she just right about something?"
"Yes, I believe so."
"Let us not speak of this ever again."

Later, when we reached Lake Crescent, we stopped to take pictures. We ran into Red Bella and Defender of Mice there. Red Bella has a snazzy little Mini Cooper. Ever since I got Edward I have been dying to get a pic of him with one. I was finally able to do this. It's very fitting, don't you think?

Edward took a moment to relax amongst the beautiful scenery. He really does love this part of the world.

And then we have the typical Forks Welcomes You sign picture.

Now we'll go into what happened when a group of us went into The Hoh forest. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen personally. I could spend a very long time in that forest. But this day, there was just a lot of weird things that had happened. I'll show you what I mean.

Here is the gang just hanging out on a tree.

Bella is trying to convince Edward that trees are made out of paper, Jacob is looking on in amusement at Edward's frustration, and Mr. H&M is being...well, high and mighty.

Then something weird happens.

I have no idea how she got there! She didn't stow away with us, and we haven't seen her for quite some time at the house. I don't know how she tracked us down, but apparently she didn't want to be left out of the fun.

"Vickie! I'm so glad you're here. Now I have my boyfriend and my bestie with me!"

Words of Victoria: Red

"Oh for the love of god."
"Heh. It's actually kind of funny when it's not just happening to me."
"How you doin?"

Yes, you heard right. Mr. H&M just hit on Victoria! Later they were seen getting a bit chummy together.

"You must be new to Edward's clan. How are you liking it?"

"To be honest, I really wasn't liking it at all. How about me and you start our own clan."
"Alright. But I'm in charge."
"Oh no. I don't think so. If there is anything I've learned in life, it's to never trust a ginger."
"That's kind of insulting."
"Would it help if I told you that I think you're really pretty?"
"Actually, yes. I have some pretty bad rejection and abandonment issues, so to have someone compliment me helps me feel a completeness that I can not find in my own self worth."
"Great! We're going to get a long just fine. Would you like to share a squirrel with me?"
"No. I drink human blood."
"Oh, that is unacceptable. You're going to have to change for me if this is going to work. Now try the squirrel."

As absolutely creeped out I was by that whole exchange, I will admit that I am morbidly curious as to how their relationship is going to pan out.

As we continued on our trek, Edward had some fun riding in Musing Bella's hood.

"Wheee! Faster, faster!"

We found a sign that made Edward a bit uncomfortable.

Then there was some kind of misunderstanding between Jacob and BlueDarcy's Edward.

It kind of set off Mr. H&M, and he took matters into his own hands.

Thankfully, we stopped the situation from getting out of hand before any serious damage was done.

Then Edward tried to test my patience.

"If you love me, you will let me bring this home as my new pet."

Absolutely not, Edward.

So, all in all, a pretty strange trip to the Forest.

More Forks fun to come.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hunting Tips

Edward has decided to bestow some of his wisdom on hunting with us. Times are getting a little tougher and Edward believes that finding food in the near future is going to be difficult. He thought it would be a good idea to teach our followers some simple hunting basics in the possible event you all may have to forage for your own food.

Here's today's hunting tip:

When hunting hipster beavers, it's best to wear a disguise to make yourself look like a hipster, too.

Edward says you're welcome.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012


If you couldn't tell from my post title, I'm a bit excited. About a month back, I entered the Truly Anon Twilight Contest with a one-shot called Recognition. There were 96 entries total and a more than a few categories to win in. I'm a new writer--with only 6 chapters of one other story ever written--so I pretty much had almost a month of nail biting until the winners were announced. I honestly didn't think I would win anything with that many submissions entered.

Well winners were announced on Thursday and Recognition took home Best Happily Ever After in the AU category! I couldn't believe it! Someone liked my story!

They made me this super cool banner! (By TwistenInMasen)

I would like to give a special shout out to ChloeCougar and LoriAnnTwifan for beta'ing for me. They made the story really shine.

Also Squeaky Zorro for helping with getting the summary to say what it needed with only 250 characters. Now that was hard.

If you want to read it, you can find it HERE on ffn. It's in the queue at Twilighted.

Here's the summary:

One absolute law governs all vampires: Keep the secret. When a gorgeous stranger looks at vampire Bella with recognition, he becomes a liability she must handle. In protecting herself, she finds more than just a human who knows of her world.

I've been asked if I will continue the story, and the answer is yes! I'm in love with it and it keeps talking to me, so for my own sanity I will have to write it.

And no, The Real Death of Edward Masen is not abandoned. Life has been a bit hard lately and my creativity has been at an all time low. Hence, also, my lack of blog post updates. But it's starting to come back to me :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bella Goes On A Trip

Last summer I decided that Bella should be given a chance to get out of the house. I thought the perfect place to take her was on our semi annual trip to Michigan. It seemed like a harmless enough place for her to visit.

Edward, however, was not in agreement with my decision, spouting about how it was now no longer a vacation for him, knowing I would make him be the one to babysit her. And he was right. My job sucks, not his. I need more of a vacation than he does. He can be the babysitter.

The drive to Michigan is long. About 12 hours depending on traffic. We got a late start and I was starting to doze off on the last leg of the drive. So I stopped for some trusty Red Bull to keep me awake. When we got to my dad's house, I had some left over and set in on the dresser in the guest room. Well, someone found it. And this made another someone very upset.

Edward: Blue
Bella: Brown

"Ooo, look what I found!"

"Oh dear God, no!! Not the Red Bull!!"
"Oh my gosh, that was so good! I was really tired a second ago, but now I feel like I could stay up all night with you Edward!"
"I really wish you wouldn't"

It didn't take Bella very long to become very annoying. Which sucked because we were very tired from the long drive and just wanted her to be quiet. But poor Edward got the brunt of it.

"Edward! I have this much energy now!"

"We should do something really fun!"
"We should sleep."
"But you don't sleep."
"Under the circumstances, I'm willing to make an exception."
"Wait, wait. Look. I'm not touching you!"

"I'm not touching you!"

"And I'm not touching you!"

"Oh for the love of God. Never has you not touching me been annoying."
"You're so funny, Edward. Oh, hey look!"

"Uh, it's a candle."
"Yes, but it's dying."
"Candles don't die. They get burnt up."
"So do vampires. This is serious."
"Bella, you're being--"
Edward got cut off.

"Let's jump off the dresser!"
"Bella, no!"

Bella jumped anyway, and Edward had to jump, and land on the ground first, and break her fall.

"Holy hell, what did you eat today?"
"I think it's bedtime now."
"No way! Let's climb back up the dresser."

"Dammit, woman, you're giving me whiplash."

Edward followed Bella back up the dresser, but he wants me to let you know that it was only because he had to.

Things did not improve when they got back to the top.

"Look! Ghost costume!"

For the record, some of you know this, but Edward is afraid of ghosts. I don't know why. He just is. But he is not afraid of Bella in a tissue. He wanted me to tell you that, too.

"Ooooooo, I'm behind you. Are you scared?"

"No. Not even a little bit."
"Yes you are. I know you're afraid of ghosts. Why is that, anyway? You're a pansy ass, sparkly vampire who's afraid of ghosts? I don't get it. You are at the top of the food chain and no one can hurt you, but you fear ghosts. That's totally whacked. What kind of loser is afraid of something that can't even touch him? Do you realize how ridiculous you're being? You should really seek professional he--"

Bella was cut off.

Edward pushed her off the dresser. I usually don't condone such things, but her fall did make her go to sleep. Unfortunately for Edward, he had been scarred by the event.

"If you ever let her have Red Bull again I will find a form of retaliation against you that I can assure you will not be happy with."

There is no more Red Bull in the house.

During our trip, we took Bella to the beach on Lake Michigan.

Edward tried to get rid of her. But when doesn't he try to do that?

"Edward, its' getting really hard to breath."
"Yes, I know. It's supposed to be that way."
"Oh. Okay."

We went fishing for salmon and got a nice haul. We were taking pictures of our fish and Bella was curious about them. I suggested that Edward show them to her.

"That's good, Bella, but you want to slide down further than that."

"It's really slimy and smelly."
"That just means you're not down far enough. Slide down further."

After I retrieved Bella from the salmon's mouth, we went back to the house.

The previous trip to Michigan, Edward and Masen had found some trouble with my dad's cat, Shadow. Edward was hoping that maybe the cat could aid in his Bella disappearing scheme.

"Here, just hold the toy out to him, and he'll take it from you."
"This seems dangerous."
"Yes well, that's neither here nor there."
"I don't really know what that means."
"I know."

So Bella held the cat toy, offering it to Shadow.

She soon learned of the dangers of doing so.

"YES!! Good kitty. Now eat her! Before anyone else comes in here!"

But the cat really didn't care for Bella and went on his way. Bella was left feeling the aftermath.

"Did you have fun?"

"Edward, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to kill me."
"You don't know any better."
"I know you love me, right?"
"In the same way vampires love werewolves."
"I knew you loved me."
"Good for you."