Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Today's post will celebrate something really special.  Demanda, over at Borderline Phenomenal, is turning 30 today! She has more guts than I do, for I don't plan to ever turn 30, even when my 30th birthday roll around next year. I will be in my twenties forever. So kudos to you Demanda for going through with the dirty thirty!

Edward wanted to help celebrate and got a little something together for you.  Here is how the birthday surprise came to be today.

Edward: Blue
Bella: Brown
Cullen: Green
Eddie: Purple
Newdward: Red

After Edward and I had come home from work, he approached some of his brothers, Cullen, Eddie, and Newdward.

"Ok, guys, I need you to get everyone together. We need a group photo."

"What for?"
"It's Amanda's Birthday, and we are going to do something special for her."
"Oh, how old is she?"
"Pffft. Thirty. Tell her to call me when she hits eighty."
"When is LwE going to be thirty?"
"Next year."
"Damn. We better change her soon then."
"What? No. No one is changing anybody. I just need a group photo."

"Wait. I have a question. Who's Amanda?"
"You met her in Forks."
"A fork is a utensil, Edward. Not a place you go."
"Sure it's not. But remember that day at the beach? She was the one who pretended that the branch of a tree was a penis."
"What's a penis?"

"Anyway, I made these while I was at work today. We all need to wear one in the photo.

"What is that?"
"It's a mustache. Amanda likes mustaches for some reason."
"Wait, is this just a ploy to make us feel bad because we can't grow our own? That's mean."
"Oh for crying out loud, just go get everyone else."
"Ok, but Jacob's not here."
"Where did he go?"
"Don't know, but he's been gone a while. We think he imprinted on something again."
"Oh gross. I don't want to know then."

So all the Edwards got together with Jasper, Alice, Bella, and Victoria to wish Demanda a very happy birthday. We love you girlie and hope for many more happy birthdays!

Ps. I had to add this pic just because Jasper looked CRAZY with his stache on.