Monday, May 30, 2011

Work Candids

I would like to apologize for my errant lack in posting.  I can't believe that I only have 4 posts up this year so far, and I almost skipped doing one this month all together.  Real life has been retched this year.  Many times I have just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out.  But I'm hoping to get posting regularly again soon!  It has been nagging away at me for a couple months now.  And so has Edward.  He is a persistent little bugger.

My creativity has decided to find another way out of my head.  I am now an FF author.  I know.  I'm shocked too.  Anyway here is my awesome banner made my one of my favorite of all time authors, @Tkegl.  You must read her stories!  They are sooooooo good.

Isn't it pretty?  I love it.  The story is set when Edward left Carlisle for a few years to feed on humans.  You can catch it at here and here.  If you go give it a read, please leave a review to let me know what you think.  I've never written before, so feedback is greatly appreciated!

Now, that my apology and shameless plug are now over, we can get on to Edward.  Today I am sharing some pics of Edward in his work environment.  I have had a lot of questions asking how Edward spends his day at the bank with me, so here it is.

Here is Edward taking his banking job very seriously.  He is very willing to help out any customer with their financial needs.

"Hello.  I'm Edward Cullen.  You need a bank account.  Let me explain to the benefits of our accounts here.  I'll have you saving for FORKS2011 in no time at all."

If you don't know what FORKS2011 is, then visit Twitarded. If you like what you see and are not scarred for life, then you are probably our kind of people and would enjoy this trip.

Up next we have Edward working with some foreign currency.  He is the foreign currency master.

"I have Euros!"
Like a boss, Edward.  Like a boss.

Sometimes Edward is the keeper of my keys.  He makes sure that I don't lose them or leave them lay somewhere.

And sometimes the keys are too heavy.

Edward's friend Eduardo sometimes comes to work with his human, my friend, Sarah.  He came to help celebrate my birthday last month.

Sometimes Edward likes to hang out in my boot on his down time.  At least I know he is staying out of trouble there.

Edward did do something really sweet for me on Valentine's Day.  I was so surprised.  When Edward is sweet he is really sweet.  It's the reason I don't throw him into a quarry.

Wasn't that sweet?  He is very creative.

There are, however, times where Edward does act up and needs a time out.  This is where he spends those times.

"I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!  I swear I won't jump out of your coin locker to scare you anymore!  Please, let me out."

Edward also doesn't mind rifling through my coworkers drawers to steal their candy for me.

He also takes the time to prepare my snacks.

That was some damn good cheese, I just have to say.

Once in a while I will go help out at another branch when they are short staffed.  Of course, Edward comes along. He gets mesmerized by the marble counter top there.

"It's so pretty."

Sometimes Edward gets a little carried away with the office supplies.  I really don't know what he is thinking.

He really seemed to be in trouble here:

Edward will occasionally bring one of his brothers to work with him to help pass the time.  Here are a couple instances where he brought EC with him.

I have no idea what they are doing here.  My only guess is that there had to have been an incredible amount of boredom.

Once I told them their next activity was a federal crime, they quickly stopped.

I can't tell you how much defaced money we get.  I have gotten cash with some pretty colorful words on it already.

This may be a game of hide and seek.  Either that, or creating disguises with props. 

Perhaps he is supposed to be a lamp.

Then, when we are slow, they like to indulge in their favorite banking pass time.  The drive thru tube ride.

Then, when they create enough of a ruckus, I assign them some kind of task to keep them occupied.  Handing me coin is a good one.

Well there are the work candids.  I hope you enjoyed them.  In the next post, we finally will address the chipmunk.