Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Edward Goes To NYC For WFE

Most of you know by now that a few of us (Dangrdafne, KassieRobzsinger, 17foreverlisa, Bella TesoroMama Cougar, Tatoomickey, Donnersun, Laxplays, Latchkey Wife, Double DippinStephanieS74, and others that my head is spinning too much to remember) went to New York City for the Water For Elephants premiere.  And it was FUN!  We had a wonderful time.  Edward was very excited to visit the city, even if it was to see that tool, Rpattz.  He wasn't happy about that part, but put up with it to go sight seeing.  Here are my photos from the weekend. 

This is right when Dangrdafne and I got into the city.  It was rainy, but we survived.

This is our view from the 33rd floor of the Hilton.  It was really high.  And the elevators go so friggin fast, I felt like I got beat up everytime I got off of one.

We went down to the cocktail party not long after we arrived.  Edward was happy to keep Marie from Twilight Junkies Anonymous company for a while.  He liked her dress.

Then he spider monkeyed her. 

They had a great time.

Edward was really enjoying the party and the music.  I even caught him dancing.

Then him and Robzinger's and Kassie's Edwards gathered around the fake candle thingy for some mini time.

I don't know what they are doing here.  It looks like they are trying to conjur up the dead, which is ironic because they are the dead. 

Water For Elephants author, Sara Gruen, came by to sign autographs for everyone on free big posters!  (Special thanks to Dangrdafne for making sure I didn't miss out on it.)  Sara was so nice and cool.  I loved meeting her.  She is amazing.  She really liked Edward, too.  She even gave him a kiss.

Dangrdafne, LwE, Edward, Sara Gruen, 17foreverlisa

Later that night Dangrdafne, Robzsinger, and myself headed out to dinner and then Times Square.  It is so beautiful at night.  I love it.

Notice the giant Nurse Jackie billboard.

That's a giant M&M.  It looks delicious.

Planet Hollywood is in Times Square, so we went in to take a look at this!

We took turns putting our hands in for pics.  I even made Edward do it.

He was not happy about it, but he likes to amuse me, so he did it.

Planet Hollywood also has this.

And this!

Back at the hotel that night, Edward tried to entertain me with the cute little elephant charm Dangrdafne gave me.

"I have an elephant.  I also have water for it.  Apparently, it's Poland Spring."
It's was funnier if you were there and heard him say it.  It was the way he said it. 

The next day we walked around the city a bit.  And Edward made fun of some wacky "art".

We shopped for souvineers and Edward found someone that may hold vital information for him.

"Hello.  I'm Edward Cullen.  You're a weremunk.  I was wondering if you would be able to enlighten me on human to chipmunk transmutations.  I have a friend who is having a problem with phasing back to a human.  He's not even supposed to be a chipmunk, he's supposed to be a wolf.  Are you supposed to be a chipmunk?  Are you having any phasing issues?  Do you understand anything I am saying?  You don't seem to be.  Wait, you are just a regular chipmunk, aren't you?  Hmmm, oh well.  I can still use you for something.  Nom nom nom!"

Photo of Chipette masacre not included.  Edward didn't think he would be able to find a snack in the city.  Good for him.

We also went to Central Park, which is my favorite thing in the city.  It is so pretty and people just freely display their art for all to see.  It is amazing. 

Edward really liked it there too.  He got to hang from a tree, which is one of his favorite pastimes.

So many people take their pets for walks in the park, so Edward took advantage of that too.  Here he is walking Vlad.

He just loves his little vampire bat.  He never leaves home without him.

We saw the famous Bow Bridge which is in every single movie ever filmed in NYC.  Here is Edward in the bridge.  I think it's a pretty cool shot.

I think this is my fave pic from the park.  I love blossoms on trees!  So pretty!

Then I got sick and didn't do anything for a bit, until Dangrdafne told me Rob was on the carpet.  I came down and tried to get some pics.  They weren't that great.  Here is the best I got.

If only that poster thingy wasn't in that one!

And a special pic for Tongue Twied.

I got a decent one of Rob and Reese during an interview, but it grainy cause the camera was on super zoom.

And interviewing with Josh Horawitz. I think that's how you spell it.  I'm too lazy to google it.

Unfortunatly, all good things must come to an end.  We had to leave the city and come back home.  Poo.  As we were driving, the moon was HUGE!  So I took a pic.  It was ginormous.

After I got home and was on the interwebs, I saw a pic of Rob on the red carpet posted on tumblr.  I scanned the crowd in the back and immediately noticed Latchkey Wife, Laxplays, and Double Dippin.  I stood next to them a lot and low and behold, who is next to Double Dippin? Me!  I recognized my green sweatshirt sleeves.  I'm in the sam pic as Rob!  Wahoo! 


Darcy said...

So jealous... you got so close to him! You are very lucky!

stephanies74 said...

Omg I'm hysterical, what a great job Edward did of summing up your trip. My Edward was also there but he was couped up in the room most of the time, he told me I was crazy if I thought he was gonna stand on line with me for 15 hours in the rain, lol!

Great to meet you, sorry we didn't get to spend much time together, that pesky Rob monopolized all my time :)

Dangrdafne said...

Your pictures turned out amazing!!! I love the Marie and Edward hanging at the party, it's so sweet. I also love the walk in the park and the bridge. Edward looks pretty happy... Even in the hand print picture ;)

Thank you so much for being my travel buddy. I am sorry you got ill though. I hope you feel better today. Can't wait for the next adventure.

Dangrdafne said...

P.S. The banner was on my phone. I am stealing your Planet Hollywood pics, mine did not turn out well at all.

Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

Your pictures are awesome! Soooo Jealous!!! I'm so uber excited that you guys had this experience!! Great post!

TwiKiwi50 said...

Firstly, loving the new look on the blog!

Great post, LwE. Looks like you and Edward had an awesome time. I especially love the weremunk interview - or is that interrogation?


TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

It was so great meeting you, DD, Edward and everyone! My Mini-E was totally fangirling over Edward.. he would not shut up about meeting him and complained that I didn't ask Edward to autograph something for him. He did forgive me since I let him spend a majority of the weekend (uninterrupted) with Mella aka mini Marie Bella.

Living with Edward said...

@Darcy: I did get close, but I will still get closer! *insert evil laughter*

@Stephanie: It was great meeting you too! My Edward would not have wanted to endure 15 hours in the rain either. I don't blame yours for staying in the hotel. I hope he didn't rack up room service bills out of spite while you were gone.

@DD: Thank you for making me your travel buddy! I love traveling with you so much. It's great that we enjoy the same things.

@Suz: Hey HG! I'm jealous that you live in Hawaii. LOL

@TwiKiwi: I think the weremunk interigation was Edward's fave part too, but for different reasons.

@Kassie: It was great meeting you too, my shoe twin! LOL I hope you get to FORKS! I hope your Edward wasn't jealous that mine hung out with Mella at the cocktail party.

*Jelena* said...

Fantastic photos.
I can't believe all the cameras in Rob's face, lol. That's really interesting to see.
I am so envious that you all got to take that trip, but I am totally glad that you all had a fab time. :D

TheRugbymom said...

What can I say about how fortunate you guys are to have seen the prettah with your own eyes? I'm so jealous, but I'm also too lazy to stand in line that long and I know I couldn't put up with the screaming. And of course, if I ever laid eyes on him, I would died right there!

Nice of you to take Edward along. Nice of Edward to go along and protect your virtue while in the big city!

wv: murrei I want to murrei Edward! [Yes, spell cheek is trying to correct it!]

UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

Your pics were awesome! I know you girls had an unforgettable weekend.

Thanks again for letting my "Mini UAB" (AKA Mella) hang out with Mini E!!!! And not just any Mini E - LwE's Mini E!!!!!!! I'm so honored! I was so sad that I couldn't go but your pics really cheered me up.

I sure hope that I can make it to the next big event because I have to meet you and all these other wonderful ladies!!!!! Missing out on meeting all of you bummed me out more than missing seeing Rob....I mean that sincerely!

TwitardedMom said...

Great post. Thanks for the timely sharing of Mini E's adventures in the Big Apple. We know how much he likes Forbidden Fruit.

BellaTesoro said...

I loved seeing our trip through mini-E's eyes. He was great company as were you.
It was great meeting you, bonding, and for your help whenever we needed it as we were literally caged in.
You got some great city shots, especially those at night. I think I'll grab those and a few of mini because my students will love those more than mine!
You and DD added to our experience, thanks for sharing it with us.

TongueTwied said...

So glad that Vlad got to go too!

great pictures and I love that the tongue pic made you think of me...and Rob..together, I'm guessing.

Good times, thanks for sharing! I love that the elephant DD gave you...SPARKLES!!!

Jaymes805 said...

Haha I love you!!!! "Hello. I'm Edward Cullen." That whole thing made me laugh my arse off :) So glad you had such a good time but bummed you got sick. At least you were still able to experience the amazingness that is Rpattz..even if Mini E thinks he's a tool.

17foreverlisa said...

LOL!! Edward, I love you and your human.

Another fun post and great pictures. I swear everyone got better pictures than I did. My pictures inside Planet Hollywood are so dark. I may be stealing yours too.

I wish we had been able to spend more time together.



TwiloveSue said...

I swear, you are one of the most adorable and funniest people I know. Thanks for telling us about your most awesome adventure, in a way that only you can :) XOXOXOXO!!

Jayla said...

Awww- what a great story. Thanks for sharing. Love the picture for KiTT - how special.
I was at the TwiConvention in Arlington, VA that weekend, but ya have to know I was reading the tweets whenever I possibly could. I was so happy for you ladies.

Chloe Cougar said...

This post is all kinds of WIN! Totes love it: Mini-E got to have a say, your read carpet pics were fab and you got to do the whole NYC thang!


Hope I'll have stuff to amuse you with on Tuesday (UK WFE Prem)...

CC x

Twired Jen said...

Awesome pics! Ok...but I must ask...you say you got sick, then heard Rob was on the red carpet and mosied on down to check it out...you scored that great of pics? LWE, your pics are awesome!

I need to come by here more often!

xo J

Smitten said...

Wow. Sounds like an awesome trip (sickness aside). Your pics are great, and now you can say you are in a pic with Rob!!!

LOL at the m&m comment. And the chipmunk, er I mean weremunk. :)


inotu said...

Looks like so much fun. I love the Edward dancing pic. And you in the same pic as Rob, awesome.

Have you checked the filming schedule for Cosmopolis? Some of it is in NY right? Wanna go back?