Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Forkyness

I have so many Forks photos! Too many. This still isn't all of them. I may have to do a Forks Candids post in the future just to show them all to you. Tonight though, I think I am going to stick closer to the side of the actual traveling part of the trip.

Here we have the Edwards ready to leave for the airport. I got them this new swanky bag that had special pockets in the front that were perfect for toting them around in.

This is Newdward, Masen, EC, and Edward. As you can see Edward did take Vlad on the trip but really didn't let him out of the bag for fear of his safety. I think Edward may be more overprotective of his pet than I am for Edward.

Here is Edward on the plane just after take off, saying good bye to Philadelphia.

"Gosh, I can't wait to be away from you Philadelphia, with your smog ridden air and gang wielding ways! You disgust me!"
I think Edward will be very happy in Forks.

Edward was very bored on the plane ride. There really wasn't much for him to do, so I tried to distract him with anything I could find.

"Look Edward, they're fun size. Just like you."
"Fun size, huh? I was under the impression that Americans thought bigger was always more fun."
"Edward, if that was true my blog would be pictures of me with my FSE and as you know he has been exiled to the attic until we can move. You are much more fun than a bulky piece of cardboard."
Edward smiles.

Next, Edward was very entertained by the napkin that was given with the complementary drinks. He felt that is was a relevant saying.

"Too bad they don't carry my drink preference."
"Well, technically they do. It's just not packaged conveniently for easy distribution."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, when the stewardess asks if you if you want a drink and you tell her blood, she can't very easily cut her wrist open and pour it in a cup for you."
"Then apparently this airline does not teach their employees to go above and beyond to achieve great customer service."
We chuckled over our silly ideals.

When we got to Seattle, the first thing we did was go meet up with our bloggy friends, 17foreverlisa, Mrs. P, Twilove Sue, and Cullenary Curser. When we got to their hotel room Edward got to meet a couple more Mini Es and Chimpsten.

Edward was a bit shy because the display of affection with the other two plastic vamps. He also didn't know what to make of Chimpsten.
"Why do they have a monkey in a dress?"
"It's a long story."
"Why does the monkey make me think of Bella?"
"I couldn't tell ya."
"Hm. Do you think those other Edwards are together? Like together together?"
"I don't think so. They just met. I think they are just happy to finally meet each other. I think they may both be trying to gain the affections of Chimpsten."
At this information, Edward started to dry heave. He really has issues with anything that seems like Bella to him.

Here are the Edwards looking out the window of our room in Seattle while we were getting ready to leave for Forks.

I don't know who Masen is waving at. Or what Edward is pointing at.

And here the boys are finally in Forks posing on the welcome sign.

On our first night in Forks, on our way back to the hotel from the meet and greet, we saw something on the sidewalk that was very interesting. A huge leopard print slug!! I have never seen a slug this big. It was a monster. Edward was curious about the slug also.

"Holy hell, that is a huge slug!"
But Edward was not the only one with a fascination. The slug seemed to be pretty dazzled by the sight of Edward in front of him that it stretched it's head up as high as it would go to get a better look at the tiny vamp.

"Ah! What do you think it wants?!"
"I think it wants your body, Edward."
"That is so not funny. If I don't want to get it on with a monkey in a dress, what makes you think that I would want the slug? Or Chimpsten, for that matter?"
"I thought Chimpsten was the monkey in the dress."
"No. No. I was referring to Bella. Keep up."

These last two photos were taken at SeaTac airport when we were about to fly home. The boys were exhausted, only mentally of course, and couldn't wait to get home. They were waiting rather impatiently in the terminal waiting to board.

"The plane is sitting right there! Why can't we get on it?"

Then I had to give them the bad news that the flight was delayed 30 minutes. They were not too happy about this.

"Oh for the love of all that is holy!"
"No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!"
"This sucks!"
"Uhg, I can't take it anymore. I just want to go home."
As you can see, they are all throwing a mini tantrum. Thank God they are so small or else they would have gotten us kicked out of the airport.

I hope you enjoyed the Edwards traveling. In this upcoming week you can look forward to a Living With Edward Halloween post. And the Edwards may attempt pumpkin carving this week.

If you are looking for some Halloween costume ideas check out this past week's DML. Edward shows us how to make a great costume with not spending a lot of money. Then you can stop by on Friday night to play some DML for yourself! It is full of epic fun. I'm not even joking.


Demanda said...

Ha! Mini tantrum!!! Those lil' guys. Such a clever way to stage of of them. I have one mini E, Swagga E and I SUCK at taking photos of him. It's the one from New Moon, the blue shirt that is unbuttoned and black pants. HE WILL NOT STAND on his own. Geesh I thought he was "strong" ;)

TheRugbymom said...

It's so much fun to travel with Edward(s)! The x-ray tech asked me, "Is there a little man in your bag?"

"Um . . . Yes. Yes there is."

Hey Edward!


TheSlug, LwE, Bella

Living with Edward said...

@Demanda: Swagga E. That is hysterical.

@TheRugbymom: I was so wondering if the x ray tech would aske me about my bag seeing that I had 4 Edwards with me. I was actually a bit nervous.

Edward said...

@TheRugbymom: I'm not to familiar with the game of K,F,M but I will give it a shot.

K, which I think stands for Kill, Bella. I can't think of anything that would bring me more joy right now. Hopefully one day.

F, which I think stands for Fight, I mean, what else would you possibly imply, the Slug. I could fight the slug. It would be a pointless battle. And probably very unpleasent. I would most likely end up with a bunch of slime on my shoe and LwE wouldn't want me to track that around the house.

M, which I think stands for Marry?, LwE. I would marry her in a heart beat.

TwitardedMom said...

Love your travels with Edward. The mini-tantrum was priceless. I always travel with my Edward & so far, the security folks haven't asked anything. :-)

Dangrdafne said...

Edward you are so smart to choose to marry LwE :) because if you wanted to do Kill or Fight her - you would have to deal with me and you don't want that ;) !!

I am sooooooo happy that I was there for all these pictures (except the slug and I am sad I missed that one).

It seems as if Demanda needs some LwE lessons on pictures with Mini-E.

LwE I hope your people are doing well LOL!!!

Living with Edward said...

@DD: missed you this weekend! Hope you had a good time. And I wish you were there for the slug. It was sooooo funny to watch.

And my bag full of people is doing well. LOL

I should set up workshops to teach some mini E photo tricks.

Edward said...

@Dangrdafne: Anyone man that is smart would want to marry her. Too bad someone already did. I have been trying to think of a way to be rid of him and making it look like an accident. It's not very easy.

Living with Edward said...

@Edward: Don't even think about it or I will lock you in the Edward Cullen luch box with Bella for a week.

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

Oh God...the slug photos were hysterical. Traveling with all those Edwards through security would have made me nervous too...but that's what Edwards do. They make us!

TongueTwied said...

OH tears!!!
Edward critiquing the customer service of the airlines! too funny!

The other Edwards "like together together" perf quote! LOL

Edward did you put a hex on the Phillies while you were in Philadelphia?

fun pictures as always!

Jayla said...

I love the "tantrum" - just wonderful.

Thanks for making me smile.

w/v: unsrcu
The Edwards would like to unscru Bella's head.

17foreverlisa said...

Oh, girlie, this makes me happy and sad all at the same time. FORKS went by way too fast. I loved every minute we got to spend together.

I can't believe I didn't get my picture taken with Vlad, too. Crap!

As always, the post is hilarious. I love you and the boys.

Edward: Did you not read the Twilight Saga? You love your spider monkey. Since LwE is married, I'm starting to worry that you're together, together with someone else. Just sayin'.

TwiWeasel said...

LwE...I've finally gotten caught up! Whew! I'm so far behind on reading the blogs it isn't even funny! I can't wait to see what the boys get into with their pumpkins! LOL Perhaps they'll bury Bella in the pumpkin guts, Bwahahahaa!!

inotu said...

LwE, cracking me up as usual. The mini tantrum was pricefuckingless.

Twi-Lin said...

This is great! Totes crackin me up! I love the slug pictures! :)

Trixie and Tess said...

All of these pictures are so fantastic!!! I love that the M&Ms are "fun size" just like Pocket Edward! LOL. The last one of the tantrum cracks me up! The ones with the slug gives me the heebie jeebies!!

Hope you're having a super week!♥