Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Got Tagged, So I Tagged Edward

Mrs. P over at TwiBite tagged me yesterday to answer some questions. I'm lazy. So I passed the buck on to Edward. It is his blog after all and he would probably not want me to answer questions about myself on it. So I gave Edward the task of answering the questions. I will probably answer them myself over at LwE's Random Musings.

So here are Edward's answers. He hopes you enjoy.

1) In the car, is it the radio or a CD?

Well, my human is always driving. She is in complete control of the music. If she is not, then bad things happen. It can be a bit annoying though because she can’t settle on one damn station and is constantly pushing the buttons on the steering wheel surfing the XM Radio until she finds something suitable to drive to. It drives me nuts!! Just pick a station for crying out loud! Or let me pick a station! Sometimes she does let me pick a CD if she is in a generous mood.

2) In the it an umbrella or a hood?

I’m pretty comfortable in the rain. A little water doesn’t bother me, so I really don’t need either. But that is a moot point because when outside in the rain I am usually in my human’s purse. If you are curious, she usually uses a hood or just runs. However, she is not very fast. It is quite sad.

3) What is your favorite season of the year?

I don’t have a preference for temperature since it doesn’t really affect me. So in that sense I enjoy all the aspects of each season. I like when the climate changes every few months. Keeps me from getting bored. But to pick a favorite, I would have to choose spring. The tasty animals are plentiful and just waking from their winter slumber. It is way easier to find a meal.

4) In bed...tell me about your pajamas.

I don’t sleep. Therefore, I have no pajamas. To tell the truth, I would not be caught dead in pajamas. Ironically enough, I wouldn’t be caught living in them either.

5) Do you get dressed in the bathroom or do you come out in a towel?

My clothing is irremovable, therefore, I am always dressed. But I have in the past put on a shirt in a room that is not a bathroom. However, I do have experience with using a towel. And I have used one in a bathroom before.

6) How many times a day do you ignore the phone when it rings?

I always ignore the phone when it rings. It’s not my phone. If I had my own phone the only person who would ever call me would be my human. I would most likely not ignore her phone calls. Only if I was hunting and a tasty morsel was near. But, come to think of it, if I had a phone Bella may try to call me. Those calls I would most certainly ignore. She drives me crazy! Seriously, what is her deal? I will find a way to get rid of her!

7) Tell me your best birthday present ever.

My human had forgotten my birthday this past year. Even though I went out of my way to throw her a surprise party for her birthday with my family. We even got her a bunch of presents! Whatever. I’m not bitter or anything. She did give me a gift once though. It didn’t turn out to well. Her gift to me was Bella. I don’t know what she was thinking. Now if she gave me Bella with the intention of, let’s say, I don’t know, taking me out to dinner, that would be ok. But I’m not allowed to drink her. Alice says bad things will happen if I do that and blah blah blah. Did I mention how much I can’t stand Bella! Ugh! She’s nuts!
I’ll prove it, too. Ok, this one time, not at band camp, I was using the computer to google North American Chipmunk species to familiarize myself with my dinner choices in the area. Well, Bella walked in and saw the chipmunk images on the screen and sat down next to me and just stared at the screen with intrigue and child like awe. I did not understand her reaction. After a few minutes she stated: “I just love this movie.”
I asked her “What movie?” She answered, “This one you’re watching. Alvin and the Chipmunks.” I replied, “Bella, this is google. It is showing me different species of chipmunks in the area that I can feed off of. Each image depicts a different website that gives information on the chipmunks such as habitat, feeding requirements, and breeding habits. It is purely educational. Not for entertainment.” Do you want to know what she said to that? She became indignant and shouted, “I know what the movie is about Edward! I’ve seen it before! God!” So I knocked her unconscious so I could finish my research in peace. Wait, did I ever answer the original question?

8) you talk to them or are they strangers to you?

I have never talked to one of our neighbors. My human doesn’t really know them either. However, I wouldn’t call them strangers thanks to my mind reading ability. Also to the fact that I have broken into some of their houses on occasion to make sure they weren’t hiding anything that could be dangerous to my human. I did end up finding some interesting things on those outings. One of my neighbors, I won’t say who to keep their anonymity, has a very interesting pet. Well, they did have an interesting pet. I was curious about it's skills as a wrestler. Then I was curious about the taste of it’s blood. Then I was curious if anyone would ever find out it was me……….They didn’t. ;)


Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

Edward....I am sad that your clothing is unremovable. And I'm sorry that your birthday was forgotten! But I did enjoy seeing you amongst the blossoms! Your human does take great care of you...

TheRugbymom said...

@ Mrs. P - We are ALL sad that Edward's clothes don't come off!

Edward - it was so nice to hear from you. I was riveted by your answers to Mrs. P's questions! And I loved the picture of you in the towel [again]. So sexy!

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Oh Edward you make me laugh... I can't believe you knocked Bella out you should have just let her watch the movie hehehe just kidding.

TongueTwied said...

LMAO! OH God Edward! Bella is dumber than a rock isn't she? Perhaps you need to send her off to school!

Mind reading the neighbors-too funny!!

Ummm, Edward I think you forget that in honor of your birthday some of your bloggy friends painstakingly created little scenarios for you because your human was having a contest. I'm proud to say my story showcased Bella as a nitwit. :) But I'm sorry if that was not celebratory enough for you. Perhaps we failed you. But it's not like we can bake you a cake or anything. I don't even think it would be safe to light 113 candles anywhere. I blame Jasper. Just like bachelor parties I'm sure they have their own version of birthday parties and it would seem he dropped the ball...or plastic egg.

Howz Vlad?

Edward said...

@Tongue Twied: I do recall the contest my human put on. However, that was not to celebrate my birthday. That was because she was being lazy and had an over abundance of Edwards. It's a good thing she sent them away. It's getting really crowded here. I can't imagine having three more Me-s to contend with.

Vlad is doing well, thank you for asking. He sleeps a lot. I don't know how or why. He is undead like me. I really hope Carlisle could join me soon. He would just love to study Vlad. Obviously no invasive tests. I would not stand for that.

Dangrdafne said...

At least she doesn't completely forget YOU - like Tess over at Trixie and Tess did with her Edward!! LOL!!!

Very good answers Edward, it is nice to learn some more about you. Can you please make sure your human answers the questions on her own blog? Thank you

Edward said...

@Dangrdafne: I am completely appalled at that whole situation over at Trixie and Tess! If that happened to me, I would probably die again. You are right, though. LwE would NEVER let anything like that happen to me. I am glad to know that I am completely safe with her.

Ps. I can not make sure my human does anything. She could do it now, but she isn't. I'll see what I can do.

Musing Bella said...

LMAO - you funny rady. Wait - that would have been more appropriate on the previous post... oh well. It's still true. ;)

I love the Chipmunk thing. Oh, Edward.