Friday, October 8, 2010

Edwards At Play.....In Forks

The Edwards found quite a few things to entertain themselves in Forks. They were fans of more of the natural recreations the area had to offer. They loved La Push, The Hoh Rainforest, and Lake Cresent. Here are some of the pics I took of them having their little vampy fun.

When I found out that I was going to Forks, the one thing I could not wait to do was take a picture of Edward on La Push. I just love to cheat the system! So off we went to La Push for some sight seeing, where I let the Edwards out of my bag.

Edward: Blue
Masen: Green
EC: Black
Newdward: Red
Me: Pink

"Here guys, feel free to roam around. It's safe I swear."
"Are you sure about that? We have specific instructions not to return here."
"Uh.....yeah, I'm sure. Go ahead. Here, let me take your picture."
"I'm not sure hard evidence of our presence here is such a good idea."
"Quit being a baby and stand by the damn rock! I need this shot!"
"I think you should just do what she says, man."
"Yeah dude, you are one more disobedient comment away from being thrown to the wolves......literally. Ha!"
The other Edwards laugh.
"Shut up."

So here is Edward by a rock on First Beach! I was so excited to get this shot.

Then the others decided to look around a bit too. They always stayed in a close group though. I think they were trying that whole safety in numbers thing.

"So, anyone see any wolves?"
"No. I haven't even seen a single Quileute tribe member."
"Me neither. I think they may just be a myth."
"You don't think they exist?"
"It doesn't matter what I think. I just don't see proof that they exist."
"Whoa, that's deep."

Later in the week we went back to La Push to visit Rialto Beach. We were hoping to catch the sunset but the clouds had come in. However, we did get to see the ocean be all crazy. The waves were friggin huge!! Anyway, the Edwards decided to play around on all the driftwood that was washed up on the beach.

Here is Edward climbing down a dead tree.

Here is Edward climbing up a dead tree.

Here is Edward and EC talking on dead tree.

"So, what do you think of this dead tree?"
"I like it."
"Me too."
"I know. Isn't weird that we like a lot of the same things?"
"No, not really."
"Yeah, I guess not."

Here the boys thought they smelled wolves coming so they hid under a dead tree that was hollowed out like a cave.

"Are they gone?"
"I think it was a false alarm."
"I really like it here at La Push. Tell me why we are not allowed here again."
"I really don't know. I was confused about that whole argument with the tribe."
"I think it was just a misunderstanding. I may have insulted someone's mom. They don't take to kindly to that around here."
"So we are not allowed here because of a "your mom" joke gone awry?"
"Pretty much. That's the impression I got anyway. Could be something else."

The Edwards really enjoyed The Hoh Rainforest. They had so much fun running around and climbing on everything. Here are a few pics of them that don't include them being frightened of large bugs.

I think Edward really likes hollowed out trees. He liked the color of this one.

Edward got stuck in some crazy moss.

Then the rest of the Edwards got stuck in the moss. It was fun watching them get out.

On our way back to Seattle we stopped at Lake Cresent to take some pics of the scenery. It was really beautiful. The Edwards enjoyed it very much.

"Hey Masen, are you bothered?"

"Yeah, I'm bothered."
"Me too."

Here the boys are enjoying the view from some mossy tree roots.

"Wooow, it's really pretty here."

"Dude, you are so gay."
"Your mom is gay."
"See! That right there is why we keep getting kicked out places."
"Your mom keeps getting kicked out of places."
"We're never going to be allowed anywhere again."


Dangrdafne said...

"Your Mom" says AWESOME POST!!!

I love the bothered part - I didn't even think of that when you took that picture LOL!!!

The pulled back picture of the 4 of them at Lake Crescent looks like they are real people standing on a cliff overlooking water - perfect.

I love "your people".

I can't believe it was just last week that we were in Forks. I hope I get a post done this weekend. Oh my.

Miss you ((HUGS))

I_heart_Fifty said...

Great post Mrs P!

I was just commenting over on Jen's blog that I really need to get myself a PE! Might have to do some googling for suppliers in NZ...

TheRugbymom said...

Your Mom had a great time in Forks! I'm sure traveling with this crew made your trip exponentially more fun!

How can they be bothered while surrounded by all that beauty? Well, maybe they were bothered by the wolfy odor.

It's so hard to choose - which is prettier to look at - the Edwards? or the landscapes?

WV: bushe
An Edward in the hand is worth two Jacobs in the bushe!

*Jelly Baby* said...

LMAO! Too cute.

I love the photo of Edwards standing in that mossy root.

UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

Woohoo! Love the pics!!!! And the "yer mom" jokes had me spitting coffee onto my keyboard! I just love your ah-me of Edwards!!!!!
Great post LwE!!!!!

Pocket Edward said...

BWHAHAHAAAA!!! The "bothered" comment....I'm still rolling....

SO jealous you have pics of Edward in Forks. Living vicariously thru you, LWE.


inotu said...

I love a good "your mom" joke. But my fave was "Masen: whoa deep." cracking up.

Living with Edward said...

@DD: Are you saying that my people aren't real people because I keep them all in a bag? LOL I miss you too. It's weird not always being in the same room as you.

@Pocket Edward: Keep believing to take your Edward to Forks. That is how I got there. Positive thinking!!

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

First of all...the "mom" joke gone awry was totally what caused the whole LaPush problem. I just know it.

I love Edwards' heads...LOLOL! They look down at the moss when they were stuck...they look at the lake. I love them so much...LOLOL!

You recreated the "I'm bothered"!!!! awesome.

Musing Bella said...

LMAO at the moss pics and all the your Mom jokes!! You are the funniest and I heart you.

TongueTwied said...

"whoa deep" LMAO!
"Your mom jokes" LFMAO!
"I'm bothered" LMFAOROFL!!!!

glad all the boys got to get out and play!

Jayla said...

LOVED this post.
This is the best line ever "

"Hey Masen, are you bothered?"

Hee-hee- hee