Monday, August 9, 2010

Cat Stalking

After miles and miles of construction traffic, we are all safely home from Michigan. The drive should be about 11 1/2 hours. Thanks to route 80 needing more attention than the cast of the Jersey Shore, the drive home took over 16 hours!! That is the longest it has ever taken. I was so exhausted when we got home at 12:30 last night. So I took off work today to get rejuvenated before having to go to work.

I know all of you are impatiently waiting for Edward and Masen's adventures from Michigan. You shall wait no longer. There are too many photos for just one post so there will be about 4 or 5. I know that you are most excited. I know I am and I was there!

For those of you who are new, let me introduce you to rainbow text.

Words of :
Edward: Blue
Masen: Green
Me: Pink

The drive to Michigan took 12 hours. The boys were BORED. They were very happy when we arrived.

"Oh, thank heavens we are here."
"Damn that was a long drive."
"Don't swear."

The next morning, the boys decided to explore the house. They were very pleased to find my dad's cat, Shadow.

I was afraid of what their plans for Shadow might be so I gave them a bit of a warning.

"Now boys, Shadow is not a snack, meal, or tasty morsel. He is my dad's pet and you can't drink him."
"Yes, yes. We know. We just want to play with him. By the way, are you ever going to introduce me to an animal I can drink?"
"Uhhhh, if we get mice in the house maybe."
"Mice, lovely."
Edward was not appreciative. Anyway, the boys tried to get Shadow's attention.

"Here kitty kitty."

"I don't think he cares."
"Sure he does. Give him a minute."

Sure enough Edward pissed off Shadow enough to get a reaction out of him.

However, Edward greatly underestimated the cat's strength.

"Uh oh."

"What the hell? That damn cat knocked me to the floor!"
"Don't swear."
"Shut up."

Seeing Edward flung to the floor brought out the competitive side of Masen. He thought that he would now take a chance in dominating the cat when Edward couldn't.

He tried to use the element of surprise.

But Masen obviously gained the cat's attention.

So he tried to move quickly again.

But was still noticed by the cat. Then Masen made the mistake of making another quick movement. This only made Shadow lunge for the annoying vampire.

"Oh my god! He's got my arm! HE'S GOT MY ARM!!"
Masen continued to struggle not realizing that would only excite the cat's reaction.

"Help!! I've become the meal! How did this happen?!" Masen grew intolerant of his situation and finally evaded the cat's vicious jaws and tried another tactic. He thought hiding behind a wall would be a better offensive position.

He was wrong.

"Claws in the pea coat! Claws in the pea coat!!!"
Edward had had enough. He was going to end the cat once and for all. He decided to bring out the big guns. Literally.

"Oh no! Edward has a gun!"
"Alright cat. That is the last time you will ever sink your teeth into a vampire. Now is the time for retribution! You will pay for your transgressions today! No more Mr. Nice Vamp. Go ahead, kitty. Make my day."
Edward got a little too lost in his speech and missed the cat make his get away.



Edward and Masen now have a new found respect for cats, I think. Their experience with Shadow only led to more of this.

"I hurt."
"Me too."
"Should we tell the other Edwards about this when we get home?"
"Absolutely not!"
"If the human thinks about it, they will know."
"Don't swear."

Here is Edward's reflection from the experience.


The Rugbymom said...

F*cking awesome post!

Don't swear.


Jayla said...

i am a dog person (dog, not wolf)... but GO SHADOW! hilarious. hope your trip was more restful & enjoyable than edward or masen's visit.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

LOL! I love that Edward is wearing the St. Jude bracelet like ammo!!!!

Musing Bella said...

LMAO - is Edward's rifle pink??? I love Edward and Masen's travels so far - can't wait to see what else they got up to!

kassiecullen said...

LOL!! Im glad Edward and Masen are not pro dog.

Thank goodness they didnt drink Shadow.

PS: My cat Mia has that same mouse toy :) but not Edward to play with :(

Dangrdafne said...

Oh my god - the action shot!!! AWESOME!!

Gorgeous cat too!

You are killing me!! The battle with the cat and Edward! ROFLMAO AT WORK!!!!!!

One word "Crap" I am crying with laughter aaaaaaaaiiiigggghhhh

"Does this make me pro dogs?? I love cats" Classic!!!!

I can't wait to share this post with the hubby!! LOL!!!!!

P.S. Wait until you see one of the pics from Mini-E's weekend at home with me LOL

TongueTwied said...

OMG where did you find that vamp-sized gun?

LMAOAA (laughing my ass off as always)sorry I had to swear to say that.

Shadow is beautiful. Gotta respect a cat that takes no vampy BS.

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

ROFLMAO!!!! Claws in the peacoat!!!! Oh god...that got ugly, didn't it. Bella's bracelet as an ammo belt just killed me. That was awesome.

Toefunny said...

THAT...WAS...EPIC!!!!!! PMSL!!!!

TwiWeasel said...

"Crap!" Bwahahahaha!

Awesome post!!

17foreverlisa said...

Oh, shit, this is too funny. I think Shadow was grabbing Edward's ass. Just sayin'.

The way you pose the figures to give them such personality is always a win.

Love it!