Sunday, July 18, 2010

Edward Went To The Movies

I finally went to go see Eclipse for the second time! Thanks DD!! The movie is way better the second time. Mostly because I know what to expect and don't constantly say "That's now how it went in the book, what a fail." And albeit a really fun experience, I think the actual movie is better when you are not constantly making fun of it with your own commentary with the person next to you. ie: Mrs. P. But after my misgivings the first time seeing it, I completely fell in love with it the second time. I love this movie so much.

Jasper has the whole vampire thing down. He really reminded me of Louis from Interview With a Vampire. And I don't care what anyone else says, I loved the hair. The wig may have looked a bit like a wig at a couple of spots but that hair on him was very nice.

I loved Rosalie. I thought Nikki did a great job with the character, especially during the talk with Bella. Again, I could really feel the vamp vibe coming from her. This is the first movie I actually can really tell the Cullen's are vampires.

And I really loved the ravine chase scene. So cool. And all of the action scenes. During the training scene, when the wolves came onto the screen, my husband said, "Huh, they decided to come in uniform." I LOLed.

I won't give you a full review, there are plenty of other blogs you can get those at. I think we may have all overdone it with the reviewing. I just wanted to say that I really loved Eclipse and share a few thoughts.

Wait, I titled this post Edward Went To The Movies, didn't I? Hmm, so I guess I should tell you little bit about Edward's experience with the film. Since we already know that the books and films are a fabricated lie of the true events, according to Edward, Edward wasn't that thrilled with going, but does find the movie to have entertaining merit. But seeing the film was not the most exciting thing for Edward today. You see, since Edward can't eat things like popcorn or M&M's, he had to smuggle in his own snack from home.

Edward enjoyed snack time the most during the event.


17foreverlisa said...

I'm so glad you got to go to the movie again and that Edward and your hubby went with. I love Eclipse and am going to see it again tomorrow afternoon with my son's girlfriend.

I hope Edward's snack didn't make a lot of noise during consumption. That can be distracting to fellow movie goers. LOL!!


P.S.: Mrs. P is the debil.

TongueTwied said...

Your hubby's comment cracked me up!Glad you guys shared in it together and you loved it this time.

I saw it twice this weekend. My 3rd viewing of it was my favorite. I'll have some choice upcoming observations to report on, TT style.

Loved Rosalie/Jasper-completely agree!

Umm, Edward you know they stuff those birds with pillow feathers, right?

Dangrdafne said...

I am glad you enjoyed your date ;)

I love Edward's lunch date LOL!!!

I still have only seen Eclipse once. I will just wait for DVD :)

Jayla said...

@LwE: So your husband is a comedian? Funny one. LOL at Edward's snack.

I have only gotten to see Eclipse twice.. will hopefully wrangle a friend to see it again. Jasper - ughhhhh, almost too hot to handle. Really enjoyed the action scenes too.

@TT - LMAO, feathers!!!

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

You didn't buy Edward M&Ms??? What a cruel human. He missed me, didn't he. I bet he did. Did he crawl into any other blonde heads while he was there?
Watching movies with you is better than a warm wolf in a cold tent...