Thursday, July 29, 2010

Edward Packs For Vacation

I have some news that may be upsetting to some of you. To others it may be glorious. I am going on vacation for a week and will be AWOL. I will have some internet access on my trip but don't know how much interneting I will be doing. I will get to check in here and there so hopefully you won't all have to go through withdrawal.

On Sunday we are leaving for Michigan. My daddy lives up there and we go a couple times a year to visit. He is right near two lakes, so there is plenty to do and plenty of things and wildlife to keep Edward entertained. I told Edward that he should start thinking about what he wants to pack. Before Edward could pack, he needed to solve a certain packing dilemma first.

"Love, I don't have a suit case."
"Oh. Let me find you something you can use."

So I went searching for something suitable for Edward to use. I don't have any mini suitcases. I thought about letting him use one of my small purses, but he growled at that idea. I looked and looked until I settled for the only thing that could pose as good Edward luggage.

"Are you kidding me?"
"It's all I have!"
"Fine......Stupid tool. Guy wouldn't know how to play a vampire if one slapped him up side the head and gave him implicit instructions on how to do so."
"What was that, Edward?"
"I said thank you for letting me use this. It's really nice."
"Your welcome."

Edward then started to rummage around looking for things that he would like to take with him.

"Edward, why are you taking your umbrella?"
"It might rain. Why else would I take it?"
"Well, you don't really need it. If it rains you can hop in my purse."
"That could look conspicuous. Humans don't jump in someone else's purse when it rains."
"Silly me. What was I thinking?"

Next Edward packed something for extra curricular fun.

"I definitely want my skateboard. Everyone will so forget about Tony Hawk after they've seen my mad skills."
"Edward, most people have already forgotten about Tony Hawk."
"Then my work is almost done."

Edward packed his shirts next.

"I will definitely be the most styling vamp there."
"Edward, you will be the only vamp there."
"Then I will still be the most styling."
"Good point."

Then Edward grabbed the little E post its he got me for my birthday.

"Why are you taking those?"
"For my journaling. There is a lot of time to reflect on vacation. And this is the smallest source of paper we have. Do you mind?"
"Not at all. Knock yourself out."
"Ha! Like I could be knocked out. You are so absurd sometimes."
"Edward, you are absurd all the time."
"I'm going to do you a favor and take that as a joke."

Then Edward packed a pen for his "reflecting". I really can't wait to see Edward's reflections.

The last thing Edward packed was his most needed necessity.

After all, it can get windy by Lake Michigan.

Just when I thought Edward was done, he said he forgot something very important. And boy was he right.

Can't travel without Mrs. P. That is like sacrilege.
Edward was finally done packing. He started to close up the lunch box when I asked him a question.

"Edward, do you think you might want to take one of the new Edwards with you? You know, so you can have a friend you can hang out with when us humans go out to eat or anything like that?"
Edward contemplated this for a moment. He seemed to be on the fence about it for a bit before he made up his mind.
"That seems like a good idea. I think I'll take Masen with me. We seem to have a lot in common." Edward ran off all of the sudden. I suspected it was to tell Masen about the trip. I didn't expect Edward to take it a step further.

"What are you doing?!! Let me go!"

"We are just going on a trip."
"That's what they told Jimmy Hoffa!"
"Ugh..Stop being difficult and get in the box!"
"No? You are going in the box and you are going to Michigan! We are going to have fun whether you like it or not!"

Edward threw Masen into the lunch box and the two vamps started an epic battle for control.

"I don't want to be locked in the box. I'm claustrophobic!"
"Don't be such a baby!"

"Shut up! Stop wiggling!"
"Let go!"
"You are insane!"
"And you are cargo. Now get in there!"
The struggle continued for a few minutes.

Edward had the upper hand. It wasn't looking good for Masen.
"It's just vacation. Nothing to be scared of!"
"I'm scared of dark enclosed places! And you shoving me into one!"
"Oh my god!! You can see in the dark! Now get in there!"
Edward gave on last shove and Masen succumbed to the lunch box. Edward quickly shut the lid and locked Masen inside.

"Um, Edward, we don't leave until Sunday. Do really think Masen should be locked in there till then?"
"He's fine. He'll calm down in a few hours."
"But he really isn't comfortable in there..."
"I said he's fine!"
I have no idea what that was all about. Who am I to have Edward all figured out. He is more complex than a woman.

Anyway, Edward is all ready for Michigan with his luggage in hand.

"Alright, I'm ready. Which way is Michigan?"
Until next time my little chickadees. I'll miss you all. Don't have too much fun without me. And you all know where to reach me if something important happens. And hopefully Masen comes home alive.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Clan

As you know, the Edwards lost Bella recently and have been put on punishment until they find her. If you didn't know that, then you need to go read some older posts. I would link them here for your convenience, but I have a bad headache and don't feel like it. I'm sure they are easy enough to find.

Anyway, finding punishments for Edwards is a difficult task, because first they have to actually work, and second the punishment has to be very unenjoyable. So taking away forms of entertainment, such as TV, movies, video games, and the internet, from a creature who never sleeps or gets tired, is a very good punishment. The only down fall to this punishment is that it results in cranky vamps, which then punishes me. It's a vicious cycle. So I don't know why I keep bringing these Edwards into my home when I know the aggravations it can cause me. Either I have a strong heart for these little guys or I have an epic problem that I should seek out professional help for. I choose to believe the first.

One day, I took advantage of the Edwards' punishment while they were looking for Bella, and went out to the mall. I really need to stay out of Toys R Us, because every time I go there I seem to bring home an Edward. So when I came home, I quick ran up to my room to drop off my purse and then found Edward and EC still on their hunt.

Edward: Blue
EC: Green
Me: Pink

"Hmm, she's not in the dog crate. You think she would like it in here."
"Ha! Good one."

"Dude, you totally should have known better than to look in the beauty products."
"I thought that there may have been a chance she took the hint. Guess not."

"Is she in there?"
"Nope. I really can't believe she isn't stuck in the spaghetti. I guess she can learn from her mistakes."

While I watched the two little vamps searching the house, Edward caught something in my thoughts. He glared at me and then ran up the stairs with EC following. They both ran into my room and confronted my purse.

New Edward: Red

"Who are you?"
"Not again!"
"I'm your new room mate. It's nice to meet you."
"I'm sure you'll fit in nicely here."
"Why are you here?"
"Edward, where are your manners? Be nice to him."
"I don't want to cause any trouble, but if you treat me disrespectfully, I will have to break your face."

"He's been here all of five minutes and has already managed to be completely condescending."
"Of course he is condescending. He's you!"
Edward huffs. "I don't understand. Why do you keep bringing home more? Am I not enough for you? Do you not like me anymore?" Insecure sad Edward is heartbreaking.
"Edward, you know I love you. It has nothing to do with you. I just love all you little guys. And there are plenty of homeless Edwards out there that need some where to live."
Then I accidentally let something in my thoughts slip. Edward snarled.
"What do you mean plenty?"
"Well, uh....." Then I couldn't not think of what I was trying to hide.
"You have more?!"
"I love you, Edward." Trying to flatter him didn't really do anything for me.
"Show me, now!"
So off I went to fetch my hidden Edwards.
"Here are the twins. Well, they are not really twins. I just call them that."

The twins greeted the other Edwards cheerfully, both happy to be out of hiding.
"Where did you get that jacket?"
"The human gave it to me. She said you never wear it."
"She gave you my jacket?!"
"You never even wore it!! What's the big deal?!"
"I'll show you a big deal!!"
"Your mom is a big deal!"
"Okay, enough! Can we move on?"
"You mean there are more than these two knuckle heads?"
I sighed and went to the closet to bring back someone else.

The two Edward's stood like that for a few minutes contemplating their alter ego across from them.
"Well, this is awkward."
"I'll say."
"Love, what are we going to do with all of them?"
"Um....that's not.....all of them."
"I'll be right back."
I went back to the closet. I think Edward is going to kill me.

"Oh come on!!"
"That's all of them, I swear."
"What were you thinking? We all won't fit in your purse. Not with all the crap you have in there, anyway."
"Edward, you are still the only one I'm going to take everywhere. None of them can replace you. I might bring another one of them with us sometimes just to get them out of the house, but you have nothing to worry about. And you have been having a lot of fun with EC."
Edward sighs in resignation. "Yes, that is true. As long as you don't neglect me, I can try to deal with it all. But if any of them get out of line...."
"Edward, you have gotten out of line countless times and you are still perfectly in tact. You can at least show them the same courtesy."
"Fine. Well I guess we should let the other two out of the boxes. They can all at least help look for Bella."
"Good idea."
I went to go get the the scissors and Edward noticed something on the packaging of the other Edwards.

"They're ming readers? How do they do that?"
"Your packaging said the same thing. Apparently you are also a ming reader."
"I am? Must be something that is not developed yet. I'll have to look into that."
I let the other Edwards out and the whole group started to get acquainted with each other and laugh about while Edward looked on with trepidation.

I don't think Edward was comfortable with the situation. Vamps are pretty territorial after all, and here there are seven more invading his home. I really hope he gets used to it.
As Edward watched, the other Edwards were starting their own little conversations.
(I won't be using rainbow text for the other Edwards. That would be too many colors and would get monotonous. I'm sure you will be able to follow along. You are all a bunch of smart cookies.)

"Wow, nice jacket. Where did you get that?"
"The human made it. There is another one on the dresser if you want it."
"Score!" The Edward ran straight to the dresser to claim the coat before anyone else did.

"What do you think, guys?"
"Looks good."
"I like it."
"Very nice."
"It makes you look tough."
"It makes you look like a vampire."
"That's what I was going for!"
"The human is very talented."
"Yes, she seems very nice. I really like her."
"She's really cute, too. Did you all notice that?"
"I did!"
"It's all I notice."
"Hey!! I think we all need to have a little chat. Everyone line up against the wall."
Edward got really angry and took control of the situation. The others must have seen his anger in his thoughts because they all listened.

"First off, no one will speak disrespectfully about MY human. That's a sure fire way to loose a limb. Secondly, you three on the end, do either of you know how to ming read?"
"I was confused about that, too."
"I was going to ask you that."
"We will have to look into it later I guess. The third order of business is I'm Edward. You are all going to have to go by a different name or else things are going to get way too confusing around here."
Edward started with EC and went down the line re-naming everyone.
"Ok, we have already established that you are EC. Um, you we will call.....Newdward."
"Newdward? I don't like what that implies."
"Oh, come on. Your clothes are practically falling off as it is."
"Yeah, okay." Edward continued.
"Ok, the twins we can call Ed and Eddie. That seems fitting. And then you three we can call ...... Anthony, Masen, and Cullen."
All of the Edwards agreed to their new names. Then Edward started to debrief them on the situation at hand.
"Alright boys, we have a mission to accomplish."
All of the Edwards listened on with intrigue wanting to get in on the action.
"Last week Bella went missing and it is up to all of us to find her."
There were collective groans of disappointment.
"Do we really have to find her?"
"EC, would you like to tell the rest of the group why we need to find Bella?"
"The human has a Zippo."
At that, the group scattered quickly around the house and outside wanting Bella to be found as soon as possible.
However, Edward, Anthony, Masen, and Cullen stayed behind to figure out the answers to what they thought was a more pressing matter.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Edward Went To The Movies

I finally went to go see Eclipse for the second time! Thanks DD!! The movie is way better the second time. Mostly because I know what to expect and don't constantly say "That's now how it went in the book, what a fail." And albeit a really fun experience, I think the actual movie is better when you are not constantly making fun of it with your own commentary with the person next to you. ie: Mrs. P. But after my misgivings the first time seeing it, I completely fell in love with it the second time. I love this movie so much.

Jasper has the whole vampire thing down. He really reminded me of Louis from Interview With a Vampire. And I don't care what anyone else says, I loved the hair. The wig may have looked a bit like a wig at a couple of spots but that hair on him was very nice.

I loved Rosalie. I thought Nikki did a great job with the character, especially during the talk with Bella. Again, I could really feel the vamp vibe coming from her. This is the first movie I actually can really tell the Cullen's are vampires.

And I really loved the ravine chase scene. So cool. And all of the action scenes. During the training scene, when the wolves came onto the screen, my husband said, "Huh, they decided to come in uniform." I LOLed.

I won't give you a full review, there are plenty of other blogs you can get those at. I think we may have all overdone it with the reviewing. I just wanted to say that I really loved Eclipse and share a few thoughts.

Wait, I titled this post Edward Went To The Movies, didn't I? Hmm, so I guess I should tell you little bit about Edward's experience with the film. Since we already know that the books and films are a fabricated lie of the true events, according to Edward, Edward wasn't that thrilled with going, but does find the movie to have entertaining merit. But seeing the film was not the most exciting thing for Edward today. You see, since Edward can't eat things like popcorn or M&M's, he had to smuggle in his own snack from home.

Edward enjoyed snack time the most during the event.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

You Made My Day!

I was having a poopy day today. At first work was yucky. The customers today, I really don't know what the odds are that pretty much every person that walked into the bank today was dropped on their heads repeatedly as children. It really is a shame that there are so many out there like that, and they all come to my bank. Then my mandatory after work activity was not on my list of things I think are fun and enjoyable. So, I pretty much had a bad day. But the mail box changed all of that.

When I opened it there were two items inside that were for me that made me go "Squeeee!" The first was a thoughtful little gift from Dangrdafne. Thank you DD! LwE and Mr. LwE will be enjoying some Eclipse goodness real soon! I can't wait.

The second item was one of the famous totes made by a very talented follower in the Bloggosphere, Munkee. Some of these totes can be found at Twired, TwiBite, 17forever and MissAmyJoon. But I think mine is the best! LOL Look at how beautiful it is, and not just Rob, the tote, too.

Here is the front:

And the back:

And the inside:

Aw, look at that sad face. Why so sullen Edward Cullen?

Munkee thought of everything. There is a special spot just for Edward! He has already made himself at home in the inside pocket. Here he is waving:
We have all learned that Edward thinks Rob is a huge tool, so I was confused to see him so at home in the tote. I think it is because he saw how much I liked it and is afraid I might start liking the tote better than him.
Isn't it pretty? I love it! Munkee could totally make a fortune in FORKS! I can't wait to use it, but to be honest I am scared because I don't want to get it dirty.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Musings

Fortune Cookies will never be the same for me. I'm ruined. But it's extremely fun! Click this to get in on the fun.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time For More Candids

It's that time again. Time for more Edward randomness. Hope you enjoy.

Warning: I know there are some of you out there that fear certain creatures, such as wh*les. This post contains a reptile, albeit a cute one, I want to let you know in case it may frighten you.

Edward was fortunate enough to be able to meet an iguana one day. This iguana's name was Ziggy. Edward thought he was pretty cool. Here they are sharing some kind of look.

Then they posed for a photo.

In case you were wondering, Edward did not find the cold blooded creature tempting at all.

On the 4th of July, I went to my brother's house for some burgers and such. It was going to be the first time my almost 3 year old nephew was going to be using sparklers, so I thought that this could also be the first time Edward uses sparklers. Edward's eyes widened in fear when he heard the thought. "Um, love, you do understand that involves fire, right?" Needless to say, he was nervous. I assured Edward that it really isn't fire, just sparks and that he should be fine. He eventually agreed to try, although I think it was because Edward didn't want to look like a wimp in front of my brother.

As you can see, Edward is holding the sparkler in trepidation. And he doesn't seem so fond of the lighter being held over his head that way. "Are you sure about this?!"
"Edward, you'll be fine. In fact, it won't even harm your pea coat!"
After the sparkler was lit, Edward seemed fascinated by the sparks flying everywhere.

"Oh, it's pretty." Edward started to feel more comfortable.

After not being harmed by the sparkly toy, Edward was then excited for the next one. He had a lot more fun with the second one.

"Wahoo!! Look at me. I'm celebrating Independence!" Good job Edward.

There was a pretty interesting time one day at work when I was going to order Chinese food. I was getting ready to leave and needed to call in the order so it would be ready on my way home. Seeing that I was busy with work related things, the Edwards decided to call in my order.
"Um, so what does she usually order?"
"The chicken."
"Dude, there is like twenty different kinds of chicken here."
"Uh, the uh, one with the army guy, I think."
" guy? Oh, wait, the General Tso's?"
"Yeah! That's it!"
Edward called the restaurant.
"Hi, I'd like to place an order for take out. I want two orders of General Tso's chicken. One spicy and one mild and both with chicken fried rice. And can you make sure the chicken is actually chicken, I can't have my human eating cute fuzzy pets or road kill...... I don't think that is an inappropriate request..... You and I both know that the chicken actually being chicken is rare from some restaurants, I'm only taking proper precautions. .........Why are you screaming at me? .........I know what you are saying, I speak Cantonese and that is not very professional language. Hello? Hello, are you there? He hung up on me!" Thirty minutes later my husband and I were eating pizza for dinner.

After EC arrived here I did take him to work with me and Edward. He was pretty underwhelmed at my job and found it pretty boring. He was finding the most mundane things to pass the time. Here he is making foot prints on post it notes. I told you it was mundane.

"I hope this doesn't ruin my shoes."

When Edward saw how desperate EC was for amusement, he decided to intervene and show him some fun that could be had at the bank.

"Dude! You totally have to try this!"

"WAHOO!!!" EC liked it. So the boys rode the drive thru tube until the mechanism broke. Again. But our tubes break every week, so it really wasn't a big deal.

Yesterday I finally got my new glasses. One of the only good things about my job is the generous vision benefits so I got to get myself a nice pair of Coach glasses. I let Edward have a look at them.

"You got Coach? Very nice. And they have a bit of bling on the sides." You know Edward is all about designers and trends. After inspecting the pretty purple spectacles, Edward decided to entertain me. I must be honest, I love it when he gets a bit silly.

"I thought glasses were supposed to help you see better, but I can't see a damn thing! You better take these back."
"Hey, do these make me look smart?"
"Far from it, Edward."
"Did you just say LOL? That's really only for typing. If you find something funny, you can just literally laugh out loud."
"Your mom can laugh out loud."
Edward is really getting into the your mom jokes. I hope he doesn't over use it and ruin it for me.
Then Edward thought someone else should model the glasses. This I was greatly amused at!

Then Edward took great interest in the glasses case, trying to claim it for himself.

"Can I have this? I always wanted a designer coffin."
"Edward, you don't even sleep in a coffin. You don't even sleep."
"I can pretend! Now is there anyway to make this more comfortable?"
"As a matter of fact it did come with a matching blanket."
"Ooo, gimme!"
"There, how is that?"
"Perfect. Now go grab a book and read me a story."
So I went upstairs and got a book and returned to Edward.
"Okay, Edward are you ready?"
"Yes, love."
"Here we go." I dramatically clear my throat. "I'd never given much thought to how I would die.."
I love teasing Edward.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bad Things Happen To Thirsty Vamps

Parts of this post may not make sense to you if you haven't read the Finally, My Surprise For Edward post.

So today was a bit different. This morning was the first time Edward was not completely prepared to leave for work. He was supposed to go hunting this morning but he didn't and wouldn't tell me why. I was even running late and he still wasn't ready. Then he had the nerve to ask me to wait another 10 minutes while he went in search of the closest chipmunk. I told him "No way! You had all night and this morning. Now get in the purse and let's go. You are just going to have to wait until we get home."
"But love, you work until 5:15 today."
"I am very aware of my schedule for today, thank you."

So off to work I went with a cranky thirsty vamp. This should be interesting. Now, I have a general rule that Edward is not allowed to hunt during work hours. There are trees and such behind the building but there is too much traffic and back yards for Edward to get caught in. So he must stay inside or with me at all times. Edward was not fond of this rule today and tried very desperately to get me to change my mind. But I was not going to budge. After some attempted persuasion, Edward ripped up all this paper in a thirsty angry rage and tried another approach.

Edward tried to pull the pathetic look out and try something a bit more subtle, but would still get his point across. It almost looked like one of those commercials where they want you send like five cents a day to feed a starving child. I told Edward to get a Styrofoam cup and ask my co-workers for change. I got a big kick out of that ........ he didn't. But he kept up with his plan. He made sure he was in places that I would see him or he would be in the way. Right in front of my computer is a good annoying spot.

Covering up the money would certainly get my attention.

Blocking the path to my cell phone is extremely noticeable.

Then Edward thought it would be a good idea to not let me be able to answer the work phone. This didn't really bother me though, because the people that call usually have a stupid inane question, and if I don't answer the phone someone else will.

So I didn't care, and Edward went to new places. He's looking especially pathetic here. I almost feel bad.

Almost. He even kept up waving his freak flag in the car on my way to Dunkin Donuts during my lunch break.

He was absolutely relentless. But I couldn't just let him win, I need to stand by my principals! If I give in to this, who knows what other stunts he would try to pull. So I decided to talk with Edward about the situation and see if he could be brought to reason.
"Edward, you know the rules. You had plenty of time to hunt before work."
"But I'm miserable. It burns. You don't understand."
"Why didn't you go before we left?"
".....I was busy."
"Doing what?"
"Fine, I'll tell you. I was ordering something off the internet. Please don't ask me anymore about it. It's personal."
This answer concerned me a bit. Usually when people order "personal" things off the internet, they are a bit risque.
"Oh no! Nothing like that, I swear! Get your head out of the gutter. You know me better than that."
I'm so glad he read my mind there. That is so not a conversation I wanted to have. I still told Edward no on the hunting issue and to wait until we got home. He was still not happy with that answer and kept up with his picketing.
This was on my lunch break and all I wanted to do was eat my chicken Parmesan flat bread sandwich and unwind from the craziness, but that is really hard to do when the craziness waving tiny post it notes in your face. I had finally had it with Edward's antics and gave him something for "the burn". I passed him my strawberry vanilla coolata.

"Here Edward, it's a nice cold, burn reducing drink, and it's red. Knock yourself out."
Edward was not amused. He wrote a new sign.

Edward kept this up all day only to find his efforts futile. He was soooo relieved when we finally got home. He ran through the house carelessly, looking for EC to go hunting with him and forgetting that EC was on babysitting duty. "EC, I'm thirsty! Let's go!"

"Edward! You came back!"

"Gah!" Edward, in his haste to quench his thirst completely forgot about Bella being in the house and that EC was home, disguised in the hoodie, making sure she was safe while playing with the wolf puppies. Bella wasted no time in getting close to her vampy love. Neither did the puppy, Seth.

"Aww, Edward it's so cute that Seth always hugs your leg like that. How come you never hug me like that with such enthusiasm?"
"Oh, dear god."
"Don't leave me again, okay?" Bella then snuggled up to a very confused and uncomfortable Edward.
"I was screaming in my head for you to not come in here. Why didn't you hear me?"
"I am so freakin thirsty, I can't concentrate! Now what the hell is she talking about me coming back? She had the decoy when I left this morning."
"Yeah, she lost it."
"What?! How did she loose it?"
"I think she lost it outside in the woods."
"What was she doing out in the woods?! Doesn't she know that Victoria is still after her? And why did you let her out there unsupervised?"
"Um, no, she doesn't. And she said that she was going to go take a nap, so I went to go order something off the internet. When I went to look for her, I found her out in a tree jumping up and down on a branch saying, "I'm a spider monkey, I'm a spider monkey!" I have no idea what that was all about."
"Man, that girl is fifty shades of f**ked up."
"Tell me about it. After I found her, I went to put on the hoodie, then made her come inside. She has been playing with the wolf puppies since. She keeps telling them not to worry, that Daddy will come back."
Edward shudders in repulsion. "So the hoodie is keeping you disguised well then?"
"Real well. She actually thinks I'm a Volturi Guard. Demitri to be exact. She keeps asking me to track you."
"She thinks you're Demitri? You know she thinks Demitri is gay, right?"
"Dammit! It's the hair, isn't it?"
"I don't know, could be the skinny jeans."
Not paying attention to the Edwards' conversation, Bella recalls Edward saying that he is thirsty.
"Edward, I'm going to go get you a glass of water."
"Yea, you do that." As Bella was walking out the door, Edward kicked the wolf puppy off his leg and the boys found a more humorous place for the "I'm thirsty" sign. They shared quite a few laughs.
After Bella was gone, Edward decided how he wanted to quench his thirst.

"No Edward! You can't drink the puppy!"
"But he is so irritating! I must be rid of him."
"Stop! Do you know how mad the human is going to be if you do that? She'll chase you around the house with a Zippo."
"You're right. Fine." Edward lovingly places Seth back on the floor.
"Can we at least figure out how to get him to stop humping my leg?"
"Maybe we can get some of that dog repellent stuff."
"I'm a vampire. How much more dog repellent could I need? And speaking of being a vampire, I need to go hunting, now."
With that, the boys set off to the back yard for some chipmunk biting. When they returned two hours later, Edward was much more relaxed. He suggested a fun game of poker for himself and EC.
"I can see your cards, you know."
"Not if I close my eyes."
"But I still know what they are."
"Your mom knows what they are."
"Ha ha, your mom."
"Alright, Demitri, are you in, or do you fold?"
"Oh, I am so in. You know, I still can't believe Bella thinks I'm Demitri when I have this hoodie on."
"Oh my god!! Bella!"
"Where is she?! She left to get you water hours ago!"
Edward and EC ran out of the room so fast in search for Bella. They returned about an hour later looking for me.
"LwE, Edward has something he needs to tell you."
"Promise me you won't be mad at me?"
"You know there is no way in hell I can ever promise that Edward."
"Okay, um....well....we kind of....uh......lost Bella."
"WHAT?!! How did you loose her?"
"We don't know, she just disappeared."
"I thought you were watching her."
"We were, then she left to get me water and never came back."
"Why would she get you water? Never mind, don't answer that. You two better find her and fast. I can't believe this. No more internet, movies, TV, or video games for either of you until you find her!"
"Aw man."
Edward and EC left the room and started down the hall to continue their search for Bella. I have no clue how two vampires can loose one stupid human. Unless they lost her on purpose, which I probably couldn't really blame them for.