Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can We Keep Her?

Well, we all made it back from Bridgewater Commons alive. Yay! After I left Dangrdafne, DangrDonna, and Mrs.P in the parking garage, I had to walk to the bottom floor to my car by myself. And my car was one of last there. To be honest I was a bit spooked. I was expecting a vampire to come run by me and slash my wrist open. So I put on my best "Don't mess with me" Edward face and got in my car unscathed. But how cool of a post could I do if I was able to tell you that I ended the night of watching Eclipse by being turned into a vampire! Oh, well, maybe another time.

Anyway, I guess I will tell you of our Edventures in Eclipse Premiere night. To say that I was beyond stoked would be a true understatement. I was squee-ing all the way down I78. To prepare for the night I had a special shirt made by my brother in law. Here is the front.

And the back:

Isn't it awesome?! I love it! Now I just need to figure out where else I can wear it.
Edward had preparations of his own to make before we left.
Strong Mousse for strong vamp hair. Now you know Edward's bouffant secret.
We started out the night by retrieving the special red bag that Tongue Twied had stowed away for us at the theater. That made our night more interesting. Thank you TT. You are so fun. Here is me and Mrs. P with the bag of goodies and the manager behind probably thinking WTF.

Inside the bag was a little Eclipse goody bag for each of us with Twilighty treats inside. So cool! However Edward was a little disappointed that there was no mini vile of mountain lion blood in there for him. I told him that it's not that easy for us mere humans to obtain mountain lion blood. He replied, "True". Here is Dangrdafne, everyones favorite bloggy sweetie, with her bag.

Our next order of business was to replace Kristen Stewart in the saga. What do you think of our pick?

I think it works. Then Edward killed some time with a little Dance Dance Revolution. He will play that game for hours if not stopped.

Once we entered the theater, we had 2 hours to kill. It went really fast though. Edward thought it would be fun to mess with the person in front of him. He was in a rare mood last night.

Mrs. P said that someone had stole her candy. I think I figured out who it was.

Then Mrs. P said her soda was a huge cup of piss water. This immediately concerned Edward. He had to make sure that this was not true. He can take things so literally sometimes. I think 17foreverlisa would say that it is piss water because it was Coke.

I really don't know what is going on here:

During Edward's shenanigans, he was noticed by a couple of girls behind us who then needed to have their picture taken with him. He was gentlemanly enough to oblige them. They then used there phone to read his blog. I told Edward he should look into some kind of marketing job.

Tongue Twied was wise enough to give us something to do to help pass the time. She gave some kind of quiz about Twilight songs. How do you think we did? If you can't read it, it should get bigger if you click it. <----- honestly not meant to sound dirty.

Here we all are waiting for the movie to start. See how happy we all are. That was not faked.

DangrDonna, DangreDafne, LwE, Mrs.P
We had such a great time possibly at the expense of others around us. I am never the person that doesn't shut up at a movie. I usually glare at that person. But Mrs. P and I had a running commentary for the whole film that we were in hysterics over. I think the most memorable line was used when Carlisle and Esme find Bree and Esme looks to Carlisle and you know she is just thinking "Can we keep her?" That had the girl next to Mrs. P also in hysterics.

Here is Edward with all the goodies acquired through out the night.

We have a TwiBite mug, complementary from Mrs. P. Dangredafne got me the Edward keychain set. Strangely enough that was one of the only things I wanted of the Eclipse Merch. I wonder who told her. And the candy and lotion are from Tongue Twied. I didn't eat it during the movie because I wanted to take a pic of it first. But it probably won't last much longer. Edward's favorite item of the night was the bubble wrap that the TwiBite mug came in.


Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

Edward! I am so sorry I forgot a present for you and you had to resort playing with the bubble wrap. I'll remember next time...
I didn't know you used moose. You looked very well groomed, i might add.
Awesome time, even though Edward got stuck in my hair and stole my M&Ms.
Those song answers are making me laugh all over again...oh god. Soooo much fun.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Wow. I enjoyed this so much, and the photos... ah! Can't wait to see more. Mrs.P. sent me the few she took, but I heard DD took the most. :D

So happy for all of you. I definitely lived vicariously through this experience.

TongueTwied said...

hey look at you guys!!! Such smiling faces and happiness!

Wow! You guys TOTALLY suck at that game, but I'm glad it was fun.

Dearest mini-E, I had hoped my daughter's shirt would inspire your human to make you a special shirt. maybe there is still time and red ribbon left to recycle your shirt.

The Team mini E shirt is great!

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

LOVE your Team Mini Edward shirt!!!! That is so unbelievably CUTE!!!! Mini-E's shirt it too cute also!

Looks like you chicks has an awesome time...Edward does keep you busy, doesn't he??? LOL

Dangrdafne said...

I wish I could have seen Edward on the Dance Dance Revolution game - I bet he had a great time. I had sooo much fun. When do we meet to do it again??? Just this time can we do an early old timers matinee?? I think I am too old for this getting home at 4:30am thing - yikes!!

mmMoxie said...

LMAO @ DDR. Thats hilarious.

Lizardstew and I talk throughout every movie we see together too. It can't be helped. Now I am going to be anticipating the "Can we keep her" scene.

Living with Edward said...

@Mrs. P: Did you notice that I forgot to put the word disease after venereal? I totally got distracted by trying to spell it right. LOL Oh, and Edward says "It's cool" so no worries.

@Jelena: I do regret not taking more pics. I was way to busy laughing.

@Tongue Twied: We had so much fun with that game. Did you see our entry for Never Think?

@Isabella MARIE Cullen: I so love my shirt too. I need to find somewhere else to where it to. And yes, there is never a dull moment with Edward.

@Dangrdafne: I want to do it again too! Any time you want to get together, I'm up for it. We can go to eat, a movie, mini golf, whatever. I'm sure we would have fun no matter what we would do.

@mmMoxie: The can we keep her scene will never be the same for me. LOL

Jenny Jerkface said...

You guys looked like you had SO much fun!! And by Bridgewater Commons, do you mean NJ? I'm 99% positive we've had the conversation before. Us tri-staters need to do something. Or at least us NJ-ers need to get together. Not sure how to make that work but if you ever hear of something, I'll definitely go to there!

I digress. You guys look like you had a blast and I wish I could have been there.

Dangrdafne said...

@ JJ - we met in NJ so that Mrs. P wouldn't have to travel farther than us, it was a middle of the states meeting place. BUT we would LOVE to get together any time to do something!!!! Mrs. P is NY and LwE, DangrDonna and myself are PA. Tell us when and where!!! :)

TongueTwied said...

Okay you got ONE right! But it was still a total fail! I'm not showing this to Edward, as I think he expected more from you 4, people he considered his best biters (aka fans). Though he would LhisAO at the Never Think. ;) As long as you had fun with it, the game served its purpose!

Dangrdafne said...

@ TT I am sure if we had put our minds to it, we would have gotten them but it truly was more fun to come up with the wrong answers LOL!! It did fill the time while we waited for the movie that is for sure. NOT that we didn't have enough to talk about LOL! You are the best. Any more hints for me?? :)

Mary said...

Love the photos, I always wondered how Edward got his hair to stay like that. Now I know ;)

rpfangirldc said...

AWESOMENESS!!! You all look so happy and thrilled to be there. It seems you had a blast. I adore your Pocket E's shirt that reads I *heart* my human. Too cute!

Toefunny said...

Holy guys look like you had THE BEST time!!!

Your t-shirt is amazing and mini E's is STUPENDOUS! I'm going to have to check my mousse supply now and see if my mini e has been swiping it when I'm not looking!

17foreverlisa said...

Oh, LwE, this is an awesome post!!! I already knew you four had a blast, but seeing Edward's pictures just puts the icing on the cake for me. The Dance Dance Revolution pic is inspired.

I didn't know had also made you a song lyric quiz. So who added in #13?! LOLOL!

That's awesome that the girls behind you wanted to take their picture with Edward and that they checked out the blog. Hope they found it as funny as we all do and that they come back.


P.S.: The only time I drink piss water is at movies and restaurants ;) My caffiene addiction is to blame.