Saturday, May 15, 2010

You Think You Know Edward?

It's time to play a little Living with Edward game. Now this is a game I can win with flying colors, but that is only because I'm with Edward every day. But you all may have seen enough photos of Edward to be able to detect him or an impostor.

So while Edward and Eduardo were gleefully wasting paper on my printer today, I decided to perhaps see how many of you really know Edward. This is tough, because I didn't use direct face shots, so it's a real challenge. You may revert back to old posts to try and compare paint. After all, no two Edward's are alike.

So which one is Edward? Holding the paper or not holding the paper?

How about now? Did they switch? Remember, I am an expert Edward poser, so I can switch them and put them in the exact same positions easily. But did I?? There is no prize for getting this challenge correct. Only the warm fuzzy feeling you will get inside for really knowing Edward. And if you get it wrong, Edward will understand and still love you. He is not too stubborn to not admit the likeness him and Eduardo share.

And Ps. Edward still wants you to go see Eclipse with him. I know I keep posting this, but he is making me. So if it annoys you, you have to take it up with him. He hopes that you are not insulted with his persistence.

Oh, and he says "Be safe". Whatever that means. He told me you would all know what he meant.


Dangrdafne said...

Wait, I can hardly recognize MY Edward and now you want me to figure out which it yours???!!!!!


Your Edward is NOT holding the paper in each picture.

17foreverlisa said...

Your mom called and told me that Edward is on the left in both pictures.


P.S.: Did Jasper and Alice make it home okay?

TongueTwied said...

pic 1 Edward holding paper
pic 2 Edward has his back to us

Your mom says she loves eduardo but don't make her choose, okay, because it will always be edward.

Living with Edward said...

@All: I really hate to tell you this, but you are all WRONG! LOL

@DD: Do I sense mini E neglect coming from you??lol

@Lisa: They left?? I haven't seen them yet. What the crap?!

@TT: It will always be Edward for me too. haha

Dangrdafne said...

Well it really is only important that YOU know the difference :) I hope you were right that he will still love us.

TongueTwied said...

all I know is that in pic 2 Edward and Eduardo look to be holding hands and I feel like I'm invading on a personal moment.

Living with Edward said...

@TT: I will give you the low down on the hand holding. However in doing so I have to disclose which is which. I didn't plan on doing that until tomorrow, but Edward is very adiment that I fix this before rumors start flying everywhere. Edward is pretty upset about your comment and it's innuendo. He's not mad at you, but is mad that he didn't see this coming and is right now trying to get a hold of Alice to yell at her for not letting him know.

Anyway in both pictures Edward is the one holding the paper. They were both taking turns pulling the paper out of the printer to ease their bordom. There were too many customers at the drive thru, you see. They wanted to try to pull the paper out really fast and see what the quickest they could empty the roll. After wasting about 5 rolls of paper Eduardo thought it would be fun to see how fast it would go if they both pulled so he grabbed at the paper too. What you don't know, is that after I snapped the photo, Edward back handed Eduardo off the printer, which then instigated a wrestling match where the loser had to spend the rest of the day in the fridge next to the open tuperware container with the old moldy food that no one knows where it came from. After about 10 minutes and no winner, my friend and I decided that we were in no way putting up with anymore of this and told they boys it was a tie. They were a bit bummed, but then both decided that they could each be deemed the winner. Then we told them, "No boys, you both lost. You both have to spend the rest of they day in the fridge next the unclaimed moldy food." On their way to the break room they kept pushing eachother saying back and forth,
"You got me in trouble."
"No, you got me in trouble."
"Not quite, it was totally you."
"You are mistaken. It was definatly you."


StarlitViolets said...

1st pic: Edward is holding the paper and Eduardo has his back to us.

2nd pic: Are they holding hands?! Anyway - Edward is the one on the left and Eduardo is again chillin with his back to us.

Well - those are my guesses. Fingers crossed!

Living with Edward said...

@SV: Wow, your first time here and you are the only one who got it right as long as you didn't cheat and read my comment to Tongue Twied. LOL It also explains the hand holding.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Lol this is great, Edward is on Left and Eduardo on Right...right? so fun, loving this I love my Mini E that DD sent cool