Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Candids

Here is some more Edward randomness. Basically, some pics of Edward that I have that involve no vampy drama or particular story. Just some good old fashioned Edward. And you all know that's how we like him.

However, these pics are a bit special because they have taught me some things about Edward. Things that you can only learn about someone by spending time with them. Things that I would like to share with you. Some of these things may not come as a surprise, but hopefully they still help bring a you bit further into Edward's little world.

First off, Edward can be very helpful. I learned this soon after bringing him home, even though he was still hostile at the time. Edward is never one to shirk responsibility, no matter how he feels. Here Edward saw me cleaning up my room and decided to pitch in. He decided to organize the top of my dresser.

Edward inspected the contents of the basket carefully, then decided which side of the dresser he wanted it on.
Apparently jewelry goes on the right side of the dresser. I don't know the purpose of that, but I do know better than to question Edward on his organizational skills. He learned from Alice.
As you already know, (if you are new and don't know), Edward goes to work with me everyday at a bank. He gets bored there easily so he likes to help as much as he can to stay busy. I asked him to get me some dimes one day. And he did. "Are these ones good, or would you prefer machine wrapped?"

Either is fine, Edward, thank you. He is nothing if not thorough, that little vamp.
Here is Edward stapling some slips together for me.

That's right, Edward has his own stapler. He is a very important part of our team. And apparently important people get staplers. A fair warning though, don't steal Eward's stapler. He will set the building on fire.
Something else about Edward is he hates rock climbing walls. He says they are for children.

However, this wall was at a playground. I'm not sure if that influenced his opinion on this particular recreation.
Edward really likes pumpkins. Not something I would have guessed.

I know it seems a bit strange, but I don't make this stuff up. I'm just the messenger.

I have also learned that Edward has different looks, and how to identify them. It was difficult at first, but I have had a lot of practice. I'll show you.
This is Edward's content look:

This is Edward's intimidating stare:
This is Edward's "say it out loud" look:

And this is Edward's cock-eyed look:

Edward is very expressive.

Another thing about Edward is that he is very tolerant. So much so, that he is willing to humor me in almost any situation.

"No problem, love. I will pose in the pretty pink flowers. That won't make me look gay at all."
What was that Edward?
"I said I'm ready."
Edward is also very sarcastic, but I think most of you have already figured that.
And last, but not least, Edward still wants you to go see Eclipse with him! Details <--- Click

"I want you!"

Do you really want to upset him? How can you say no to this face?


TwitardedMom said...

Sounds like Edward will do anything for his true love, just don't mess with his stapler. Priceless.

Musing Bella said...

Was that an Office Space reference? I love it. Edward *is* very expressive. And so helpful! Great work to both of you.

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

OK...someone needs to tell Edward that the machine wrapped dimes are always the smarter choice...the ones that are hand wrapped are a straight trip to not proving out at night!

BTW---I was in the town "where jesus was born" **wink wink** this weekend househunting.

17foreverlisa said...

Edward is lucky to have you as his messenger ;) Who know he had so many expressions. Now you have me looking at mine and wondering. LOL!!

TongueTwied said...

I didn't know Edward goes to work with you everyday, but it makes sense. He's so smart that I'm sure he is great with money.And I know how protective he is of you, I'm sure he makes him feel better to be able to be there and watch over you.

Edward stapler! LOL Does he have a matching pen?

Was that an Office Space reference? I would love to see Edward's expression when the boss tells him, "yeah, I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday."

Actually I'm guessing Edward might have more of an expressive gesture for that rather than a look.;)

I loooooooooove when Edward tells me he wants me!

Living with Edward said...

@TwitardedMom: Edward will do ALMOST anything. And some people have already messed with his stapler. It was not pretty.

@Musing Bella: Yes, it was an Office Space reference. I knew someone would spot it!

@Mrs. P: One of the only good things about where I work, is they give us a five dollar cusion everyday. So as long as any difference is under that, it doesn't count. I guess they learned that people don't know how to count and to not trust when they bring us their rolled coin.

Did you find any good prospects while hunting? That is so exciting!

@Lisa: While inspecting your Edward, did you notice if he had a snot nosed brat look? Just wondering.

@TT: If you love when Edward tells you he wants you, then don't disappoint him and come see Eclipse with us! ;)

Yes, that was an Office Space reference. So far 2 of you mentioned it. I was curious to see how many would ask.

Don't even get me started on Edward's gestures.

And I will answer your question about the pen.

Dangrdafne said...

My mini-E definitely has a head problem and a face problem. He only has one annoyed look and his head is always looking down. Harumph. Your Edward is going to have to kick my mini-E in the butt when they meet.

Mini-E kind of liked Disney. He found it a little too hot and he really didn't like being in my bag for most of the trip. He especially hated the x-ray at the airport. He felt very violated.

I am surprised you let yours play with a stapler, no heavy objects for mine, as I am afraid of what he would do with them LMAO!!!

Great post and pics.

Living with Edward said...

@DD: Welcome home!!

LOL. Edward felt violated by the x-ray. That is hilarious.

I am very curious to see what is wrong with your Edward.

Dangrdafne said...

I am realizing that maybe he is jealous that I don't devote my blog to him LMAO!!!!

Living with Edward said...

LOLOLOL! That sounds like a very Edward thing.