Thursday, May 6, 2010

Edward Brings Me A Surprise

So I was making dinner when I heard the door open and teeny tiny footsteps come into the kitchen and then heard, "Look what I found!" I turned around and saw this behind me.

Uh.......I didn't really know what to say. It's a toad. What am I going to do with a toad? I had some questions to ask.

"Edward, where did you get a toad?"
"Under the deck."
"What were you doing under the deck?"
"Fine, I was...uh...checking it's structural integrity."
Whenever Edward answers me like this I have a mantra I chant in my head-don't yell don't yell stay calm stay calm don't hurt Edward don't hurt Edward.
"Edward, I'm sure the structure is very integral."
"Actually, it's not."
Don't hurt Edward Don't hurt Edward Don't hurt Edward Don't hurt Edward
"Anyway, this little guy was chillaxing under the deck. I thought he was cute."
"Edward, why did you just say chillaxing?"
"To see if you would ask me why I said it and you did. Love, you are so predictably entertaining."
Don't hurt Edward Don't hurt Edward Don't hurt Edward Don't hurt Edward
"It's so funny when you chant that in your head" Edward giggles "As if you could hurt me. So as I was saying, the toad was under the deck and I thought I would bring him inside. Do you want a toad?"
"Edward, it sounds like you want a toad. But we already have a dog and an undead bat. I think that is enough. But we can let him hang out in here for a bit, then put him back."
"Yeah, ok."
So we agreed to put the toad back after Edward took some photo ops with it.

"I think he is trying to read my mind. Good luck, toad. Ha!"

"Ok, I'm going to put him back now. I'm not really a hat person."
"Ok, Edward. Um,'re not thinking of drinking the toad, are you?"
"Ew, no, of course not! I don't drink anything cold blooded. Blechh. Why would you ask that?"
"To see if you would ask me why I asked it and you did. You're so predictably entertaining."


TwitardedMom said...

Toadally cool.

Living with Edward said...

@TwitardedMom: That's funny.

KG said...

that is hilarious! what a cute little toad!
I love your convos with Edward, they crack me up!

smartEpantz said...

This was fecking hilarious!

You're so predictably entertaining...


17foreverlisa said...

LMAO!!! I have to ask. I have never picked up a toad or frog without having it pee on me. How did that go for Edward??

@TM - That's very funny.


Living with Edward said...

@Lisa: Surpisingly, there was no toad pee. Edward seems to be a charmer of all beings.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Fucking ingenious. I especially loved the toad hat.

TongueTwied said...

Edward can read LwE's mind? Is that correct?

@TM-good one!

This was cute! Thanks for the insight into the cold-blooded food. I've been wondering about that. Though I didn't realize the Cullens shunned cold-blooded altogether. More like I wondered if they likened reptiles to having like a cold brewsky or chilled wine on a special occasion. Thanks for clearing that up Edward!

Dangrdafne said...

"Don't hurt Edward..." mantra LOL!!!!

My Mini-E better not bring in a toad or any other living being, my cats would go crazy with it!

I like how you got Edward too with the last part of your conversation ;) too funny

Trixie and Tess said...

Good to know Edward doesn't drink toad. I love those little cute!

This cracks me up! I need to take my PEs on an adventure...they've been couped up in my purse for a few weeks.


Living with Edward said...

@TT: Yes, Edward can read my mind. It really sucks. But there is a fun game I like to play, when Edward is trying to be serious or talking to someone, or concentrating on a book or movie, where I think of all these funny random things and try and get him to laugh. It's so funny to watch, but sometimes he gets mad, then it's funnier.

@DD: I thought my dog was going to try to attack it, but he didn't. I was really impressed.

Musing Bella said...

LMAO at the toad hat. Soooo funny.