Monday, May 17, 2010

Adventures Of Eduardo

Ever since I got my friend (to keep her anonymity, we will call her Sarah,) Eduardo, she has been very busy looking after him and documenting his experiences. So I'm going to let you all into Eduardo's world a bit today.

Sarah definitely has her hands full with him. In a very different way than I do with Edward. Even though Edward and Eduardo look incredibly similar and have a lot of things in common, they do actually have very different personalities. Edward is a very strong personality. He wants things the way he wants them and that causes some issues here and there, as you have seen. Edward is also a very careful creature. He usually doesn't do anything without severely thinking of the consequences first. He will let loose once in a while. But Eduardo is very different in this aspect. He just does whatever, whenever he thinks of it, which causes himself to be found in some uh.....shall I say.......precarious situations. I'll show you what I mean.

There have been a few times at work where things didn't go as planned. Eduardo tried to answer the phone, but the phone kinda took over.

Then Eduardo wanted to roll some quarters, but the quarter wrapper kinda took over.

Then he was helping Sarah stamp some documents and the stamp kinda took over.

Notice the theme? This isn't just at work either. Eduardo no longer likes doing laundry.

He also HATES playing darts.

I asked when the next time Eduardo was going to play darts and he said "Never again!".
I put words of Eduardo in green because Edward asked me to please not use his trademark blue. I don't want to hurt his feelings, so I agreed.
As you can see, Eduardo lands himself in some interesting situations. But Eduardo's um.....adventurous personality also makes him real fun. He enjoys doing so many things. Some you might not think would be that intriguing to a vampire, but Eduardo defies most of the myths with his "let loose and have fun" way of life.
For example, Eduardo is big into playing. Not really games, but kind of the way children play when they pretend to be certain things or characters.
Here is Eduardo pretending to be a super hero. He got a make shift cape, tied himself to the chandelier and pretended to fly all around.

However his reckless behavior got the attention of the cat.

And the cat put Eduardo's fun to an end.

Eduardo didn't care though, he thought it was funny. Now if that happened to Edward, I would have said goodbye cat.
Eduardo also loves to tell stories. Here he is with an avid group of listeners.

"Once upon a time, there was a very handsome vampire. He was a very good vampire, too. Do you know why? Because he didn't drink the blood of humans. Do you want to know what he drank? You do?! Great! Why don't you all come a little closer and I'll show you." Photo of cute, little, fuzzy animal massacre not included. I guess this may be another thing Edward and Eduardo have in common.

Eduardo has his simple pleasures too. He loves a nice hot bath.

Sometimes he prefers more of a bubble bath.

And he likes snuggling up in his towel after said bath.

And he is vain. Yet another thing he has in common with Edward.

Eduardo is so vain that he even takes his weight seriously.

Edward fixed the scale to read 125 whenever it is used and sent Eduardo into a tizzy with working out.

Edward thought this was a very good practical joke. I had my doubts but Edward was positive that Eduardo would fall for it. To my surprise he did. Always trust a mind reader to play a good prank. Eduardo does know he is frozen the way he is, right?? I guess he is just that paranoid about it.

Eduardo has been caught doing some other um.....interesting things around the house. It turns out that Eduardo has a thing for the book Treasure Island and secretly wishes to be a pirate.

"Ahoy there matey! You must bring me your mountain lion, you scurvy fool, or I shall make you walk the plank!" Apparently mountain lion trafficking pirates exist in Eduardo's world.
Eduardo has also been caught playing dress up.

"Mmmmm.......mmmm" Eduardo thinks it's funny and ironic when he dresses up as another mythical creature. Very scary, Eduardo. Good job. We like to encourage him as much as possible. With his child like personality, we just can't bear to hurt his feelings. Edward scoffs at this. He may be jealous.

Eduardo also has hobbies. One of his favorite pastimes is bike riding.

I thought he would much rather run, but for some reason this brings him great joy.

Eduardo has one of the same hobbies as Edward. Creating mischief.

This gives Sarah one of my hobbies. Creating punishment.

If you like spending so much time playing with the toilet, you can surely clean it.

Eduardo has a huge interest in marine life. He wants to go to school for marine biology. Either that or work at Sea World. He is still undecided. Here he is enjoying a dolphin thrill ride.

And Eduardo is a very accomplished fish dentist.

"Hmmm. This doesn't look good, Leo. It definitely has to come out.......... yes that is my professional opinion ............ what do you mean you want another consult........ it hurts, is black and makes you drool, I'm pretty sure it needs to be extracted ............... that won't work........... yes, I'm sure, you imbecile.........what did you just call my mom...........I swear, if you weren't cold blooded, I would have a much more efficient way to put you out of your misery."
This is again another similarity between Edward and Eduardo because of their mind reading abilities. Very strange one sided conversations.
Well, that is all for now. I could keep going, there are plenty more Eduardo pics, but we will save them for another time. Edward is getting antsy. He is afraid that Eduardo is going to steal his blog. I keep reminding him that it's called Living with EDWARD, not Eduardo. Why are these little vamps so paranoid all of the time? Sheesh.


Dangrdafne said...

"Photo of cute, little, fuzzy animal massacre not included." LMAO!!!!

My hubby is yelling at me because I am laughing too loud and he can't hear his TV show! LOL!!!

Will we get to meet Eduardo at the Eclipse movie??

Living with Edward said...

@DD: I feel bad for getting you in trouble with the hubby. lol

Eduardo will not be accomping us to the movie. He will be with Sarah. I couldn't imagine trying to keep both Edward and Eduardo quiet during the film. Wait, your Edward will be there too, right. Wow, that would really be a handful. We would probably get thrown out. Eduardo definatly stays home!

Dangrdafne said...

My Edward is very considerate although since he hasn't hung out with any other Edward's I am not sure if he could be coerced to be bad hmmmm

Edward may bring a friend for Mrs. P though - we will have to see ;)

Living with Edward said...

@DD: I can't believe Mrs. P. doesn't have a mini Edward! I don't know how I would survive! lol

Musing Bella said...

LMAO - whenever I come to your blog, about halfway through TH asks, "What are you laughing at over there?" This was too funny. I very much enjoyed meeting Eduardo and now learning a little about him. So thank you for introducing us!

Tell Edward not to worry - we come back to the blog because we enjoy HIS adventures (and your humor)!

TongueTwied said...

Sarah (probably her real name) has her work cut out for her that's for sure. But at least Eduardo knows how to clean toilets. That is a plus right there.

you know I freakin' cried all through this craziness!

17foreverlisa said...

I'm finally here. DD warned me that there was a dolphin. The big fish actually creeped me out more. I don't know what it is with me and underwater creatures.

@Eduardo - Please, please do not work at Sea World. I would never be able to look at pictures of you there!! Also, can you ask TongueTwied what her real first name is and then whisper it to me? Thanks. XOXO

Oh my!! Rob is singing Stray Dog to me. I was going to post my comment, but now I need to listen some more. Heaven.

@Edward - I'm sure you don't like the song Stray Dog, but it's very beautiful. Give it a chance.

@Rob - Please record an album!!!!! That is all.


17foreverlisa said...

LMAO!! I have about 10 blog posts open, so I have no idea whose site is playing music, but I love it.

Living with Edward said...

@Lisa: I didn't know that you had an eversion to sea creatures. I'll have to keep that in mind for future posts and if any show up I'll give you a warning. lol

Ps. The music was prbably coming from Tigerlily Rose. haha

Dangrdafne said...

@ Lwe - Lisa has an aversion mostly to wh*les but some other sea creatures could be included (like that big fish - sorry Lisa I didn't think that one would be an issue, my fault, forgive me???) I had sent her an email warning her before she came to read your post ;) LOL

17foreverlisa said...

@DD - Of course, you are forgiven :) Am I the only other person creeped out by that fish, though? LOL!

@LwE - DD is right. My biggest phobia is wh*les (I love you even more, DD, for continuing to type it that way btw). Irrational. Silly. But real.