Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

So today was my birthday, and Edward went out of his way to make it memorable for me even though I still had to work and go through the whole daily bump and grind and it was kinda cold and cloudy and rainy all day. However, Edward didn't really mind the weather.

Anyway, this is how my day started once I woke up. Edward had a flower for me and also got a custom made T shirt made just to show his appreciation for me on my special day.

"Good morning, love. Happy Birthday!"

He really is a total sweetie. I heart him, too. After this, we went to work and Edward wore his shirt all day long. I actually had a pretty crappy day at work, but Edward promised me that things would definitely get better once we got home. Then he winked. Hmmmm, so he is up to something I see. When I did get home, I changed out of my work clothes and took a moment to contemplate why the hell I work at all. Then I remembered. Ah yes, to support my Twilight habit. Then I went to grab a snack and when I got back to my room, I found this:

Edward, Alice, and Jasper all yelled "Surprise" and had presents waiting for me. I wasn't expecting a surprise party. I have never had one of those before. I was very excited and could barely contain it. That little vampire knows me so well.
Alice quickly went into party mode. She shoved Edward off the dresser and wanted to take a picture of us. So Edward and I stood next to each other while Alice played photographer.

Here is me and Edward. Alice is a bit short so she kinda took a little off the top, as you can see. And yes, I have my Mrs. P boots on under my jeans. After the photo, Alice insisted on opening the presents. At first, I felt reluctant because I didn't want to seem like the present whore who just wants to dive into the gifts, and I started to protest and suggest something else. But then, I felt very agreeable to gift opening. Yes, open the gifts, that makes me feel happy. Do birthdays cause fickle emotions? Jasper and Alice went first. Their gifts are the ones wrapped in green.
I think we are going to go for rainbow text again. E-blue A-pink J-green Me-red

"Open this one first!" Alice was very excited. I ripped open the paper and pulled out....something. I had no idea what it was.

So Jasper took the liberty to take the clear packaging off the object and demonstrate what it was.

"Edward said that you get REALLY bored at work, so I got you something that can help occupy your time. I got you a mini slinky because, for one, they are fun. And two, Edward also said that you were very easily amused."
"Aww, that's sweet. Thank you guys." I could feel nothing but love from this gesture. As you can see, Edward looks to be very intrigued with the slinky. Jasper offered it to him and within seconds, Edward had it stuck on his head.
But it didn't take him too long to regain control over the toy.

Then Jasper was annoyed with Edward's antics and took the slinky away and put it behind himself, and didn't let Edward touch it again for the rest of the night. Then we moved on to the next gift.

I then spotted my own opportunity to have some fun. As I dug my finger into the paper I quickly recoiled my hand and cried, "Ow, paper cut." Edward right away, using full on protect mode, jumped right in front of Jasper, who looked like he was about to lunge. Alice just stood there flabbergasted. Since this was a split decision on my part, she obviously didn't see it coming.

I couldn't contain my laughter. Geez, they are so sensitive. They looked at me confused while I laughed out, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. There is no paper cut." They relaxed a bit but still weren't amused.

"That is not funny, love. You could have gotten very hurt or worse." This made me laugh more. "Hahahaha. Yes very hurt by the little five ounce vampire with the toy slinky. Hahaha!"
Then I heard a couple of small growls. Ok, so they still weren't amused. Then I felt complete remorse for what I did and no longer felt any humor for my little stunt. So I apologised. Yep, I'm convinced birthdays cause fickle emotions. What on earth else could it possibly be? The group decided to let me have a "free pass", as they call it, because it was my birthday, and we resumed with the gift opening.

"Oooooooo, pretty. What are they?"

"They're rose hair clips, silly. See?" Those are kinda cute, but at the moment they kind of look like little vampire cheerleader pom pons. I thanked Alice for the hair clips and she gave me the last one from her and Jasper.

That paper didn't last very long. I pulled out the gift and found a really cool plaid, studded bracelet. I really liked it.

I thanked Alice and Jasper gratefully for the gifts and for coming. Then it was Edward's turn. He was very excited.

"Here, love. Open the big one first." Has anyone else noticed the vast improvements on Edward's manners and attitude. I have to remember to thank Jasper for beating the crap out of Edward. Anyway, I opened the gift.

"Ooo, little E post it notes!? Those are perfect! I love it!"
"Yes, well, I know that you forget a lot of things....A LOT of things, so now you can write down the important things you need to remember and be reminded of me at the same time."
"Aw, that's sweet. But as if I could forget about you in the first place."
"You did that one day when you left for work without me."
"That's different. I didn't forget about you, I just forgot that you weren't in my purse. And I apologised for that. "
"And now there will be a post it note on your purse everyday. Just a precaution." Then Edward handed me his next gift.

Inside was a little fox key chain. Edward lifted it up to explain it's significance.

"I got you this because it resembles your dog. And I know how much you like things that look like your dog. And I wanted you to know that I am in complete support of your dog and think of him as an important part of the family. I'm totally Team Derek." This just about brought me to tears. Edward acknowledging that Derek is a dog, not a werewolf, and an important part of the family is a big thing for him. Knowing that he has put all of that behind him is such a relief. "But he still smells." Well, I guess some things won't change, but I can deal with this. Then Edward gave me the last gift.

I opened it and gasped. What I saw made me very happy.

In that little clear box is a whole bunch of belly button rings. Edward ordered all the items on my wish list from piercedfish.com! The three vampires held them up for display.

"Edward, those are perfect. How did you know....Oh right. Stupid question." Edward gave a knowing laugh. The rest of the night was really fun. We talked and laughed, and Jasper refused to let Edward play with the slinky, or let me touch anything else paper. Alice did my hair and Edward was organizing naval rings. Speaking of pretty dangly naval rings, I gotta work out. Looks like Edward also got me an obligation. Well, I guess he just wants to bring out the best in me. After Alice and Jasper left, I thanked Edward for everything he did. "Oh, it was nothing. Anything for you, love." I then grabbed the little E post its and wrote Edward my own version of a thank you note letting him know that I appreciate him, too.

He was very moved by my note. "I will cherish it forever. Happy Birthday, love."
"Thank you, Edward."
"Oh, by the way, before I forget, while you were getting a snack earlier, Jasper and I were ruff-housing and we knocked a hole in the wall, cracked a window, ripped some carpet, and broke a mirror."


KG said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (I jumped the gun earlier.)

I would have pulled the paper cut prank too!

oh and I am definitely TEAM DEREK!! =D

TongueTwied said...

dammit! I keep forgetting to bring tissues with me when I visit this site because I'm always crying one-third of the way down!

Happy Birthday LWE!!!

As usual, this was EFFFFFFFing hilarious! I suspected the papercut was coming but what a twist you pulled with that stunt!

I get so sucked in to these pictures. Edward standing by your leg looks so r-e-a-l! Just like when @DD had hers tucked into bed.

So while I'm already riding this makebelieve crazy train I'll just say, "Great job with the birthday part Alice, Jasper, and Edward!" **lil pats on the back** and **lil smooch** for Edward!

Dangrdafne said...

I just want to say thank you to Alice, Jasper and Edward for helping make your birthday fun and one to remember. They did a great job with all the gifts, too! Wow, they really know you well. I love the pictures. I am so glad that Edward didn't hurt himself with the slinky, because I almost did trying to hold in the laugh that burst out of me AT WORK when I saw the picture. Edward's shirt is perfect and your note to him at the end is precious. I see you are in good hands with your little plastic friends.

I hope you enjoyed the little surprise I emailed to you last night :) Thanks to 17ForeverLisa for her late night help on it :) ::waves at Lisa::

It's funny as I was driving to work today, I was thinking about the first time we meet and how will we know each other... all I could think is we would stand with our Mini-E's where ever we are meeting and we will know each other :) LOL Of course if Alice and Jasper want to tag along too, I have no problem with that ;)

Happy Birthday again!

Musing Bella said...

Happy belated birthday (I think - it was yesterday, right?)!! Your posts crack me up. Those little folks have such personality in your pictures!! I love them!

I'm glad you had a good time at your vampire surprise party - the slinky pictures were hilarious. @DD - this is why I *don't* read this blog at work, I wouldn't be able to contain myself! LOL

mmMoxie said...

Happy B-day. Take good care of Edward. I haven't seen mine in weeks since I left him at Lizardstew's house. I'm a terrible human.

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! OMG...you are a genius when it comes to posing these dolls...so funny. Thanks for wearing your boots to ring in your birthday... ;-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (Belated, i know...I suck)

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

OME! You had the best birthday EVER!!! I'm jealous! Hahaha! That was awesome....I LMAO! I wish I had my own little vampire. :(
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Living with Edward said...

@KG: Thank you! And Derek appriciates your loyalty. :)

@TT:Should I get special little Edward tissues made up with the blog name on them? lol
And DD's Edward photo was the best. I love that one. When I saw it I got my Edward out and put him under the blanket just like that just to look at it cause it was just that adorable.

@Dangredafne: I loved my surprise! Thank you so much! And when we meet, that might be a good idea with having the Edwards out. Maybe I should make sure mine is wearing his shirt just in case there might be someone else, where ever it is we go, that has their Edward out too. That way you will definately know it's me. Here is the scenario: Dangredafne spots girl holding a mini E. Wait, that Edward doesn't heart it's human. That can't be her. LOL

@Musing Bella: There is a secret to getting the personality. It's all in the head tilt. The only problem is the New Moon action figures do not have tilting heads! Or bendable elbows. And they break. The had a perfect mold with Twilight Edward. I don't know what they were thinking.

@mmMoxie: Sounds like you are going to have to do some major mini Edward ass kissing. haha

@Mrs. P: Yes, I believe I have found my calling. Twilight action figure posing. I think it pays a six figure salary. Or at least it should.

@Isabella MARIE Cullen: Thank you. It was a very good birthday. You can have your own little vampire. They have them at the mall.

Dangrdafne said...

@ Living With Edward - LMAO with the scenario of our meeting TOOOOO funny! And yes, posing plastic dolls can pay 6 figures, think Claymation or Robot Chicken ;)

17foreverlisa said...

I'm glad you liked the virtual birthday card Dangrdafne had me help her with. *waves back at Dangrdafne* More importantly, I'm glad to hear Rob was good in the sack...er...sleeping bag. LOL!

The post is too funny, as always. Edward protecting you after the "paper cut" is freaking hilarious!!!

Happy belated birthday, again, girlie!! Glad you could celebrate it with some plastic friends ;)


Trixie and Tess said...

Hilarious! Edward sure knows how to treat his lady on her special day!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Happy belated birthday. I'm sorry I don't come by your blog more often. Need to put you on the blog roll (keeps slipping my mind).

Those are fantabulous photos, and the gifts were cute, and I especially loved the studded bracelet.

Happy bday once again.

P.S. would love to go with you and DD to Eclipse, but that is not an option as you know.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

OMG, I'm so sooooo sorry. I hadn't realized I wasn't following you. So sorry babes. Hope you forgive.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

@Living With Edward...I know, but I would have somehow get it and then sneak it past hubward. :( He is such a pain in the ass about my Twilight stuff. One of these days....ooooh,my birthday is coming up in June, so that could be my excuse. :)

TwitardedMom said...

Happy belated birthday. Your posts are just amazing. I have a mini E, but he isn't as creative as yours for some reason.

Living with Edward said...

@Jelena: Thanks for the birthday wishes! And no worries with the not following and visiting and such. There are so many of us now that it is so hard to keep up with all the blogs. I'm starting to be involved in so many that I'm getting behind in my FF list. lol

@Lisa: Yes, Rob and his pink sleeping bag. Priceless. lol Thanks again!

@Trixie and Tess: Edward is the bomb diggity.

@Isabella MARIE Cullen: You have to have someone else give it to you as a gift then say that not accepting it and not having it on display would be disrespectful and be acting ungratefully. Worth a shot.

@TwitardedMom: Thank you! I think some mini E's are defective. I used to think mine was but it all turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Rena said...

This was seriously adorable! I loved it!!!