Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Edward Wants You.......

To go see Eclipse with him!

"Come on, you know you want to go with me."

Hey guys. Edward is looking for hot dates to go with him to the midnight showing of Eclipse. Keep dreaming Edward.

In all seriousness, Dangrdafne and I are looking to put together a twihard gathering for the midnight release of Eclipse. We are looking for twihards in eastern Pennsylvania and/or western New Jersey. Primarily the Lehigh Valley area, Bucks county area, Phillipsburg, NJ area, possibly Hunterdon county NJ, or any other area surrounding said places. Or if you a are a bit further than that and want to come too, by all means we won't stop you. If you want to come down from New York, then bring it! Drive up from Delaware? Knock yourself out. Fly in from the mid west? I'll give ya a cookie!! Basically, come one, come all, and Let's Do This!!

At this time we do not have a specific city or theater to meet. We want to figure out where most of you are and then pick the most convenient venue for everyone. We might not be able to accommodate every one's travel needs but I'm pretty sure we can come close.

So if you are interested in this fun filled festivity, you can let me know in the comments, email me at, or contact Dangredafne here. Just tell us who you are, where you are located and how far you are willing to drive, fly, swim, or run at vampiric speed.

And any of you with your own blogs can help us out by spreading the word. I only have 17 followers who read this, so if you could just put a link to this post in one of your up coming posts, that would be great. Thanks in advance!! Edward really appreciates it!

Tickets will probably go on presale next month, so get back to us soon so that they aren't sold out before we can figure out our location.

Hope to see you all there!!!


TongueTwied said...

What kind of cookie?

Living with Edward said...

Any cookie of your choice!!

Dangrdafne said...

This is the perfect post. I LOVE the Edward picture, perfect just perfect. I hope we find some people. I will post on Friday most likely.

Living with Edward said...

Me too! I think it will be soooo fun!

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

Huh---this might be doable for me. Let me get back to you on this...

Dangrdafne said...

@Mrs.P - I am sitting at work reading your post and I can't contain my huge smile and bouncing. YOU might try to join us for Eclipse. OH MY!!!! We would be honored. Whatever I can do to help you join us, let me know :) WEE HEE

17foreverlisa said...

Just now seeing this post. I will definitely pimp it on my next post. Wish I could join you!


Living with Edward said...

@Mrs.P: Wahoo!!

@17foreverlisa: Thanks babe! Wish you could join us too.

smartEpantz said...

I wish I could...too far away. :(
I know you guys are gonna blow up whatever theater you choose!!

P.S. Now you have 19 followers...**whistles**


Living with Edward said...

@smartEpantz: Then we better pick the theater with the best insurance! LOL.

Wahoo! 19!! Thanks for joining. Hope you have fun here!

Trixie and Tess said...

I'm already planning my Eclipse party too! I had a New Moon premiere party and it was THE.MOST.FUN.EVER. I can't wait to do it up bigger and better for Eclipse!

My friend and I just started a new blog and we're new followers to your blog. We'll be back to visit again soon! :)

Trixie and Tess