Sunday, December 27, 2009

Introducing Billward

So we decided to do a play at our church for Christmas this year. My brother-in-law and I wrote it, so it was absolutely hilarious. We like to do things a bit differently at our church. Anyway, we had a family in the script that called for a father, however all the guys willing to act had already been asigned other parts so we had to improvise our father. I had the bright idea of having a cardboard cut out and putting, America's favorite sitcom dad ever, Bill Cosby's face on it. So naturally I put myself in charge of aquiring said cardboard cutout and was thrilled that I finally had an excuse to purchase my own FSE. (Full Size Edward for those of you who live under a rock.) So, without further delay, I would like to introduce you to Billward!

He did great. Got a lot of laughs when the kids had to carry him around the stage. He was a big hit with the ladies, too.

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Living with Edward said...

PS. No FSEs' were harmed in the making of this play.