Sunday, December 13, 2009

Edward's New Pet

After Edward's new pet got a bit aquainted with his surroundings, Edward approached the little bat cautiously to evaluate his personality. Edward had no idea what to expect.

Yep, he was definately taking the anylitical approach to this, which is what I was afraid of. Edward was gabbing on and on about possible behavour traits and issues that we may not have thought about when purchasing this bat. Or even a check for rabies, which could prove to be very dangerous for me. I told Edward that rabies should not be a concern considering the undeadness of the bat. Does Edward still have spanish influenza in his undead state? Eventually I just told Edward to knock it off and stop thinking about stupid things and think about something more important, like what to name the little bat. Edward contemplated for a moment......looked at the bat.....then it happened.....what I was hoping for.....just that one little know, that look when a little boy sees a puppy for the first time and both the boy and the puppy look at eachother with longing in their eyes, and you know that they will be inseparable for eternity or until one of them dies?.....

That look was all it took for Edward to fall in love with the little guy. He wasn't the same after that. Not another anyitical word came out of his mouth. Thank God! It was really getting old. I let him have a minute to mull over his feelings for what was going on before I interupted him.

Corrinne:"So, Edward, what is his name going to be?"

Edward:"Um, what?..Oh, um,....I think Vlad. That seems appropriate."

Corrinne:"Vlad it is." (for those of you who are unfamiliar with Vlad, you can google it!)

After that, Vlad went on to show Edward some of his skills. Edward stood there impressed with his new little companion, excited making plans for places to take him, hunting trips, going for walks, teaching him tricks, etc. He just seemed so......happy. It was nice.

While Edward played with Vlad, Derek came into the room demanding my attention. Like the good doggy mother I am, I happily played some tug-o-war/fetch with him. Edward watched as I laughed and Derek ran around all happy. Edward appeared to have a slight (notice I said Slight) appologetic look on his face.
Edward:"I think I can understand, or at least try to in this situation."
Corrinne:"Edward, that's all I ask."

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17foreverlisa said...

This is an awesome idea/post! Very funny and clever. You just gained another follower :)