Friday, November 13, 2009


I told you that I would tell you about some of the things Edward does to, for lack of better words, irritate me. It doesn't seem that he wants to be malicous, but rather just being kind of petty for no particular reason. I think he is bummed about something. Not to sure, but anyway, here is just the tip of the ice burg.

While out at local restuarant with a friend, I mentioned that i felt a little tired and wanted a pick me up. So Edward thought it would be funny to recommend coffe to me. He KNOWS I hate coffee. Ok, I know that doesn't seem so bad, but it was the attitude in which he said it. I know that sounds all junior high lame drama, but that's just what Edward does to me.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we would be taking Edward on a trip to michigan with us. We go every year to visit my dad and tought Edward would enjoy the change of pace. Edward was excited about the trip, until we got in the car and left. He was a bit irriated the whole time we were there. The time of year we go up happens to be the best salmon fishing season there, also. People catch huge salmon like crazy there. Usually like 5 day. Well, this year, no one was catching anything. They just weren't biting and nobody could figure out why....the town was in an uproar...I've never seen so many disgruntled rednecks!

Anyway, one of the last days there, we were fishing again, and still nothing. So Edward thought he would be devilish. All of the sudden he jumps off the pier, and 7 seconds later comes back with this!

It looks like a whale compared to him. It was 18 pounds. I can't even do that math to figure out how much more times his body weight that is. He just pulled it out of the water. Show-off. Now he is always like, "At least I caught a salmon." Congradulations Edward.
One day I came home from work and found Edward throwing all of, my dog, Derek's toys around. He made a total mess of them for no reason. I asked him why later and he looked at me, made a little huff noise and walked away. After a few hours, he came to see what I was watching on tv. When he came in the room, I told him that there was something on that would be very benificial for him to see. I had his attention, then flipped the channel to Dr Phil....Edward was not amused.....but I thought it was hilarious.

While at work, Edward found my happy place. Yes, that is a huge drawer of candy, white cheddar popcorn, chexmix and granola bars. I really look like a piggy now, but I do share it with all of my co workers. It's like the prize drawer at the dentist.

So Edward jumped in and procceded to deny my access to my yummy delicous treats all day. Every time I tried, he would cover up the candy and snap at me. I thought that was a bit over the line. No need to be all dramatic over candy, sheesh. I deal with A LOT of dumb and mean people. Delicous treats are a nesesity for dealing with these kinds of social interacions.....needless to say it was a stressfull day.

"No candy for you!"

So now I will give you his latest and greatest feat. My dog was doing something really cute, so I went to get my camera and it was gone. It is always in my purse and I didn't use it for a few days so I didn't take it out. I looked in a couple more places but there is nowhere else I would put it. I thought that maybe my husband took it to work, so I called him, but no answer, so I would have to wait for him to be free to call me back. While I waited, I decided to check my email. When I turned on my laptop, this photo was now my wall paper:

Look at him....little bugger took his own picture. There was a note with the photo saying "If you want your camera back you will have to get rid of the werewolf for good!!" Werewolf??? WTF is he talking about? I don't have a Jacob action figure hiding around here. And if I did, it would only be used to take pictures of Edward finging creative ways to torture it so it probably wouldn't bother him that much. I quickly went to Edward and asked him what this little tantrum was all about. Here is how the conversaition went:
Corrinne: "Edward! Where is my camera?"
Edward: "I told you how to get it back. I can not live like this anymore."
Corrinne:"O..K...How am I supposed to get rid of a werewolf when I don't have a werewolf?"
Edward:"I am not stupid! I know a werewolf when I see one!"
Corrinne:"Well, I don't see one, so just give me the camera and we can totally forget that you have lost your mind and then we can get back to normal."
Edward:"I will gladly give you the camera........get rid of the mongrel!!"
This is where I decided to give Edward a time out.

And this is where he will stay until I get my camera back.

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