Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I find Edward's aversion to food very interesting. So I thought I would share a bit about what he does when there is food around. It is strange seeing someone turn his nose to all food and never eat. Sometimes his reactions make me laugh. Sometimes he gets annoyed at when I laugh at things that are part of his instinct and behavior. Then I remind him of his laughter when I have to sqint to see something far away, or drop something, or trip up the stairs, or knock something of my dresser, or jump when I didn't know someone was there......hmmmm....little bugger laughs at me a lot. Edward is really becoming quite the little punk. Anyway......

While looking at the plate, Edward was reminded of the last time he ate pizza. This didn't make me laugh, though. It made me say "awwww.." Then he made this soft little deep sound. I think it was supposed to be a growl. Didn't sound very tough to me.

Here he is just totally disgusted. I have to admit that the picture does not do this pasta creation of leftovers any justice. Edward says "ew".

Edward thought it would be fun to show that inhaling pepper doesn't make him sneeze. As if that constitutes superiority. Whatever, Edward. But can you walk out in the sun without looking fruity????? Didn't think so...

Edward doesn't understand why people choose chemically modified carcinogens to real ingrediants that the body can actually break down and metabolize. I have to agree with him here. Sorry if any Sweet n Low fans are offended by Edward's opinion on the matter <---Added for political correctness.. yuck.

I caught Edward investigating my popcorn at work. He was going to reach in and grab some, but I stopped him. This is a bank, so touching lots of germy things is an all day thing.

Edward actually agreed with me that this was a good idea. I was shocked.
Clean hands are happy hands.

Then he was allowed to play in the popcorn. He tried to explain to me scientifically how popcorn pops. Something about moisture and heat, and expansion or something like that. I wasn't really paying attention. Just eating.

"Here, take this. It's weird."

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